Best Fingertip Grip Gaming Mouse Reviews

For expert gamers, using a high-quality fingertip grip gaming mouse is essential. Gaming mice with a fingertip grip improves grip while playing games and makes it easier to grasp onto the mouse without sweating your palms. It also offers an excellent balance for gaming. A gaming mouse with a fingertip grip provides excellent speed and enhanced precision, which are crucial.

When playing games, a mouse without grips is awkward to use, which has negative effects on the game’s outcome. Additionally, this type of mouse is used by expert players for quick snapping. In conclusion, utilizing this kind of mouse can greatly enhance gamers’ abilities.

Different gaming mice are designed to meet various purposes. These eight mice are your best bet if you’re seeking a mouse that has the best fingertip grip. They were picked for their style, attributes, and general performance. Therefore, one of these mice is guaranteed to suit your demands whether you’re a professional gamer or just enjoy playing games for pleasure.

8 Best Fingertip Gaming Mouse

Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite
  • Unique contoured shape
  • You can rearrange the side buttons for your grip
  • Great for video editing too
  • Ideal for MOBA/MMO gaming
Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Gaming Mouse
  • Ultra-fast gaming
  • Comfortable design and grip
  •  Lightweight material used
Razer Basilisk X Gaming Mouse
  • Superfast gaming mouse
  • Enduring battery life
  • High DPI Optical sensor
Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE, Gaming Mouse
  • Only 1 step for DPI customization
  • Extra side grips
HP OMEN Vector essential Mouse
  • the simple and basic look
  • Great grip
  • Featherweight
Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse
  • It’s ideal for gaming
  • The design is quite well-made
  • Excellent performance
  • Almost universal for all grips and hand sizes
Corsair Harpoon RGB Gaming Mouse
  • Weighs less
  • Unique shape for better comfort
  • Good fingertip shape
Cooler Master MM711 60G Glossy White Gaming Mouse
  • Well-built
  • Super lightweight
  • Click latency is good
  • The ambidextrous design is ideal for smaller hands

Corsair Scimitar RGB EliteFingertip Grip Gaming Mouse

Whatever the size, gripping, or grasp style of your hand, the form, and shape of this Paragon gaming mouse are meant to fit your palm. An illuminated gaming mouse is available. 17 MOBA and MMO games Programmable buttons increase the excitement and fun of gaming! The side of the mouse also includes 12 buttons for convenient gameplay and grip.

An optical sensor with an adjustable 18,000 DPI provides high-speed performance and tracking. You may write macros, choose from a variety of backlights, and access many other functions thanks to the Corsair iCUE software.

Furthermore, you get 50 million assured sharp clicks every second for constant games. You can also carry this incredible gaming mouse with you wherever you go, store your settings, and have a great gaming experience whenever and wherever you want! The proprietary PixArt PMW3391 sensor provides great sensitivity for the finest gaming experience, which is very crucial.

With the help of this mouse, you can even edit videos flawlessly because it provides excellent precision and sensitivity. With a 122g weight, this gaming mouse provides a good lightweight grip and excellent performance in competitive gaming. The scroll wheel’s smoothness is also the best.

Optical sensor16000
Buttons17 Programmable buttons


  • Many Programmable buttons than other gaming mouse
  • Buttons are large so it is easy to press them
  • Contoured shape for better grip


  • The buttons and software are difficult to understand
  • Expensive

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Gaming Mouse

The perfect size and shape for a better grip and gaming experience are found in this name-brand gaming mouse. It has a fusion engine that gives you the fastest tracking speed possible of 500 IPS. There are 8 programmable buttons that can be adjusted based on your need. It also has four DPI settings, ranging from 250 DPI to the fastest 4000 DPI.

With this mouse’s high technological response rate, you can play video games at the fastest possible speed. The main features of this gaming mouse include its ergonomic design, rubber grips, lightweight body, and frictionless base, which provide you with the ideal gaming experience.

experience. Since the rapid speed of 4000 DPI is there and the USB report rate is 1000/sec (1ms), multitasking is not a problem. The beast that is this gaming mouse! Additionally significant is the fact that this gaming mouse includes a 2-year warranty starting from the time of purchase. Ideal for gamers with hybrid, palm, and claw grips as well.

With its onboard memory, you may save your ideal setting and receive fantastic results. Additionally, the Logitech gaming software remembers the information and applies it when the game is identified in the automatic game detection mode of this gaming mouse.

Buttons8 Programmable buttons
Special FeatureFusion engine high-speed tracking
Processor32- BIT ARM processor


  • Well-placed finger keys
  • Sturdy
  • Featherweight


  • Plastic body
  • No light effects
  • Moderately expensive

Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

Compared to other wireless gaming mice, this Razer offering is 25% faster. You have access to all the capabilities you need for a flawless, powerful gaming experience with this superb, ultra-fast, and ideal gaming mouse. The greatest wifi experience is provided because of its minimal latency. This gaming mouse also features 16,000 DPI optical sensors, allowing you to experience outstanding accuracy with each and every movement you make.

Additionally, for a powerful gaming experience, this gaming mouse features the best physique and very elusive maneuvers. It also has dual-mode connectivity, allowing you to use Bluetooth for more battery life and have a constant gaming experience. Total battery life is 285 hours, and Bluetooth mode adds another 450 hours.

Additionally, it provides more than 50 million clicks, which is great for gaming competitions. You may create any function or action with accuracy and perfection with the 6 programmable buttons. Additionally significant, you can save your personalized settings and be prepared to play whenever you choose!

You also receive a 2-year warranty on the mechanical switches, ensuring that you don’t miss out on any winning opportunities! This gaming mouse also boasts a 1 ms response time for powerful and quick gameplay.

Buttons6 Programmable buttons


  • Featherweight
  • Great fingertip and hand support
  •  Lag-free


  • Bit pricey
  • USB connection not good
  • No LED effects

Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE, Gaming Mouse

Professional and competitive gamers will love this Wireless Corsair gaming mouse. Overall, you get a battery life of 24 hours and Qi wireless charging, which makes it possible to charge without a cable or wire. Furthermore, the upgraded high 16,000 DPI optical sensor provides superb accuracy and precision for flawless gaming shots!

Additionally, the DPI can be adjusted in just one step, making it simple and uncomplicated for all players, whether they are novices or experts.

This gaming mouse’s design is also streamlined and sculpted for excellent grip and handling. You may customize your gaming mouse with eye-catching lighting effects and dynamic macros using the Corsair utility engine (cue) software.

All of this can be kept onboard, giving you a constant, fast-paced gaming experience whenever you want it. Additionally, a PC with a USB 2.0 port running Windows 10, 8, or 7 can use this gaming mouse.

Special FeatureQi charging
Buttons9 Programmable buttons


  • Updated side grips and buttons
  • Wireless charging


  • A bit pricey
  • Slippery body of the mouse

HP OMEN Vector Essential Gaming Mouse

This HP-branded gaming mouse offers incredible features that are perfect for your intense gameplay. This ergonomic mouse weighs only 88g and is designed to fit comfortably in your hand, offering you the best lightweight performance.

Additionally, it features 6 buttons that have received 50 million presses and are intended for nonstop play. Additionally, the OMEN Radar 3 sensor offers up to 16,000 DPI, and this gaming mouse will greatly improve your precision. A 2-meter cable is also included to provide a hassle-free wireless gaming experience.

Additionally, this gaming mouse was created with cutting-edge technology, giving you premium features for powerful gameplay. Windows 7, Vista, 8, 10, and Mac OS X 10.4 or later all support this gaming mouse. This gaming mouse’s body material is such that it resists slippage and offers comfort for all-day gaming.

Buttons6 buttons


  • Works well with Mac
  • Side grips


  • Expensive

Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse

The Razer DeathAdder Elite is a fantastic gaming mouse that maintains the original DeathAdder design. It’s the perfect mouse for right-handed consumers looking for outstanding performance and customizable possibilities. It has a straightforward gameplay layout that doesn’t go crazy and works with almost all hand sizes and grips.

On the other hand, persons with smaller hands could have an awkward hand position while employing the fingertip or claw grip. Despite the relatively stiff connection, this wired mouse has low latency, making it perfect for gaming.

With a state-of-the-art 5G optical sensor capable of up to 450 IPS tracking and 16000 DPI for excellent speed, 99.4% resolution accuracy, and significantly less acceleration, the Razer DeathAdder Elite is loaded with cutting-edge technology.

A sensitive scroll wheel, two rubber side handles for optimal hold and comfort, right-handed functionality, and Razer mechanical mouse switches that are optimized for quick response during gaming sessions, and these features are all part of its ergonomic design.

DPI16000 DPI
Sensor5G optical sensor (up to 450 IPS tracking)
Accuracy99.4% resolution accuracy


  • It’s ideal for gaming.
  • The design is quite well-made.
  • Excellent performance.
  • Almost universal for all grips and hand sizes.


  • Lack of integrated memory
  • Not ideal for small-handed gamers

Corsair Harpoon PRO RGB, Gaming Mouse

This wireless gaming mouse from Corsair, the Harpoon, is among the best for fingertip grip. High-speed gaming is provided by its sub-1ms slipstream technology without latency or buffering problems. This mouse’s setup is quite straightforward and simple enough for anyone to learn, allowing you to game nonstop wherever, at any time.

In order to allow you to play longer without becoming tired, this Harpoon gaming mouse weighs only 99g. The gaming mouse’s battery may also last up to 60 hours, and you can play while it’s charging. You may tailor your gaming experience and comfort level with the six completely programmable buttons.

Importantly, this gaming mouse includes strong Omron switches that can produce over 50 million crisp clicks, enabling you to play continuously and powerfully. Additionally, the 10,000 DPI optical sensor provides excellent tracking and accuracy. Additionally, there are a variety of programmable RGB lighting effects that let you have a gorgeous gaming setup and experience.

Additionally, you may use the gaming mouse wired or wirelessly, depending on your preference, or you can connect it to Bluetooth or USB and play with Corsair’s lightning-fast sub-1ms wireless technology. You also receive a charger wire and a lithium battery with a 3-watt hour energy capacity.

DPI10,000 DPI
Buttons6 Programmable buttons


  • Simple and easy to understand the setup
  • Works well on Mac
  • Lightweight


  • The scroll wheel sometimes gets stuck
  • Not so premium brand

Cooler Master MM711 60G Glossy White Gaming Mouse

A great ultra-lightweight choice is the Cooler Master MM711 gaming mouse. Despite being relatively lightweight and having a honeycomb plastic cover, it feels incredibly robust and does not have the serious build quality problems of its sibling, the Cooler Master MM710.

Although the mouse’s compact size makes it best suited for persons with little or medium-sized hands, it has an ambidextrous design that is good for all grip types. Additionally, it features a wide range of CPIs, a low click latency, and a fast lift-off distance.

This mouse also features RGB lights around the scroll wheel and palm. Both the scroll wheel and the click are simple to operate. Additionally, the PMW3389 sensor offers two lift-off distance settings and a DPI range of up to 16000.

Of all the mice on the list, this one has the most flexible paracord. The PTFE feet may initially feel scratchy, but they will eventually work incredibly smoothly.

DPIUp to 16000 DPI


  • Well-built.
  • Super lightweight.
  • Click latency is good.
  • The ambidextrous design is ideal for smaller hands.


  • Isn’t designed for those with large hands.
  • There are a few issues with quality control.

How to Choose the Best Fingertip Grip Mouse?

There are a number of things to consider while selecting the best fingertip grip mouse. Some of the most significant ones are listed below:


Size is one of the most crucial considerations you should make when picking the best fingertip grip mouse. This is due to the fact that you want to ensure the mouse is cozy to hold and has a surface area that is just perfect for your hands.

It’s crucial to choose a mouse that suits your hands properly because not all mice are the same size. It could be hard to use and eventually hurt your hands or fingers if the size is too small. However, if the size is too big, it could be challenging to operate and you might lose fine control while gaming.


Another important consideration when selecting a fingertip grip mouse is comfort. This is necessary to prevent any discomfort or soreness in your hand or fingers, especially if you plan to use the mouse for hours at a time to play video games. For instance, although having a big surface area, a mouse with a plastic casing may feel uncomfortable to some gamers.


When selecting the best fingertip grip mouse available, precision is another crucial aspect to consider. A responsive and lightweight mouse is what you want if you want to be able to target more precisely. However, if it has superb accuracy, don’t anticipate it to move quickly because it will feel heavy on your mouse pad.

That said, you must strike a balance between accuracy and responsiveness because if the mouse isn’t sufficiently quick to respond, it might be unable to keep up with you while gaming. You can start losing games if it has exceptional accuracy but can’t keep up with your movements because it becomes challenging to shoot correctly.


When selecting a fingertip grip mouse for gaming, it’s also crucial to consider whether the mouse allows for customization.

There are two primary categories of features you can use: those with buttons next to your thumb and index finger, which let you map commands to these buttons individually for each of your fingers.

On the other hand, some mice have more precise features that allow you to modify the sensitivity or surface area of the mouse.

Choose a mouse with a customizable surface if you’re primarily interested in games with a lot of customization choices to ensure that you have a secure grip and the finest possible control.

Sensitivity (DPI)

Precision aiming will be simpler the more sensitive the mouse is. But if your sensitivity is really high, you can discover that your mouse is too light or not precise enough for particular games.

This is due to the fact that while the sensor may let you move around swiftly, it won’t always provide you precise control when aiming. The appropriate DPI range depends on your gaming preferences, but it should be between 400 and 4,000.

Sensor Type 

Since optical sensors are more responsive and accurate than laser sensors, they are the most popular choice for fingertip grip mice. Having said that, you can find a mouse on the market with any kind of sensor, so if you’re searching for anything specific, go ahead and search for it.

It’s also vital to remember that some gamers like non-optical sensors over optical ones because they don’t suffer from the same battery life problems. Nevertheless, although optical sensors are known to provide gamers with more precise results when playing games, it’s advised not to rely on them excessively.


When looking for the greatest fingertip grip mouse available, the cost is still another crucial consideration. You should always keep in mind that you get what you pay for and don’t need to spend too much money on something you won’t be using all the time, whether you choose mid-range or high-end goods.

However, if money is tight, it would be wise to go with mid-range gaming mice that provide adequate functions for the price.

However, you can always get inexpensive fingertip grip mice as well. Just be careful not to get too cheap, as they will definitely fail after only a few weeks of use. If you’re on a tight budget and require a long-lasting item, you might want to think about obtaining more robust options with long-lasting batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best brand for a gaming mouse?

a few examples include HP, Razer, Lenovo, and Corsair. However, a lot of gaming mice that are not made by a well-known company still perform well and offer comparable features.

Why is a fingertip mouse important in gaming?

A good gaming mouse with a fingertip grip is crucial because it gives you a more comfortable level, a good grip, and precision when you’re playing.

What Is The Best Mouse For Fortnite?

This is a frequently asked question, but any mouse on this list is ideal for Fortnite. One of the factors contributing to the popularity of so many portable gaming mice is Fortnite. You need a lighter mouse because of how much you have to rotate and swing it when creating.

You are missing out if you play Fortnite with a mouse that weighs more than 80g.

I firmly advise purchasing one of the mouse on this list, and I can almost guarantee that you’ll prefer it for creating those 90s.
You can be sure that these mice are appropriate for Fortnite’s intense gameplay because several of them were tested while being used to play the game.


In conclusion, using a good gaming mouse that fits your fingertip is crucial. With the right information, purchasing a fingertip grip gaming mouse from a store or online application is the finest option.

Some of the top gaming mice with fingertip grips are briefly detailed in this post. I hope it is useful to you and provides the information and responses to your queries that you need.

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