Best Magnetic Charging Cable Reviews 2022

Buying a good charger is essential because a phone without a charger is just an expensive paperweight. But charging cords frequently deteriorate, tear, and stop working.
If you don’t take action right once, a broken charging cord could leave your phone unusable.

Everyone needs a reliable charging cable that operates swiftly to keep their smartphones topped off. The magnetic charging cord is useful in this situation.

They are among the most often used charging options since they are marketed as a robust and effective replacement for conventional charging cables.

The devices’ included standard cables work well for charging. However, they lose their effectiveness after a while. In these circumstances, magnetic USB cables are the best choice.

They feature a strong design and are adaptable. It is also capable of carrying out data transfers in addition to charging.

The durability and lifespan of this cable are enhanced by its universal compatibility. They also include fantastic features that save a tonne of time, energy, and money, like built-in LED (for seeing at night or in the dark).

It can be a little overwhelming to choose the best option because there are so many options on the market. Before purchasing the magnetic charging cable, keep in mind the following important elements.

Cable Length

When utilizing either magnetic charging cables or regular charging cords, it is very necessary to check the cable length. Some users favor shorter cables, while others favor longer ones. These magnetic charging cables typically have lengths of 1 foot, 3 feet, 6 feet, or even 10 feet.

Cable and Connector Count

Prior to purchasing magnetic charging cables, it is crucial to take into account the number of cables and connectors supplied. Depending on the model you choose, you can easily find 4–7 cables and 12–15 connectors in a box. Depending on the model, there may or may not be 3 types of connectors for each cable.


In general, various gadgets and equipment rely on various connectors. As a result, magnetic charging cables have a variety of connector kinds. Thankfully, all magnetic charging cables have micro-USB, USB type C, and lightning connectors, allowing you to quickly charge virtually any device.

We suggest reading our thorough Buying Guide for additional details on the magnetic charging cord. We created a list of some of the best magnetic charging cables on the market using the same data.

Best Magnetic Charging Cables of 2022

Terasako Magnetic Charging Cables 
  • Includes 4 cables and 12 connectors
  • Uses micro USB, USB type C, and Lightning connectors
  • Features 1 ft, 3 ft, 6 ft, and 6 ft cables
  • QC 2.0 charging speeds
  • Comes with a 1.5-year-long warranty
Drtopey Magnetic Charging Cables
  • Includes 5 cables and 12 connectors
  • Uses micro USB, USB type C, and Lightning connectors
  • Features 3 ft, 3 ft, 6 ft, 6ft, and 10 ft cables
  • QC 2.0 charging speeds
  • Comes with a 6-month long warranty
A.S Magnetic Charging Cables
  • Includes 4 cables and 9 connectors
  • Uses micro USB, USB type C, and Lightning connectors
  • Features 3.3 ft, 3.3 ft, 6.6 ft, and 6.6 ft cables
  • QC 3.0 charging speeds
  • Comes with a 1-year long warranty
AUFU Magnetic Charging Cables
  • Includes 3 cables and 9 connectors
  • Uses micro USB, USB type C, and Lightning connectors
  • Features 6.6 ft cables
  • QC 3.0 charging speeds
  • Comes with a 1-year long warranty
YKZ Magnetic Charging Cables
  • Includes 4 cables and 12 connectors
  • Uses micro USB, USB type C, and Lightning connectors
  • Features 3.3 ft, 3.3 ft, 6.6 ft, and 6.6 ft cables
  • QC 3.0 charging speeds
  • Comes with a 1-year long warranty

Terasako Magnetic Charging Cables 

A well-known manufacturer of mobile accessories, Terasako often provides very dependable products, including the magnetic charging cables mentioned here.

One of the most dependable solutions on the market, the Terasako magnetic charging cable is listed in first place on this list. The fact that you receive a total of 4 cables and 12 connectors in the package or precisely three connectors for each cable, makes it reasonably versatile for the price. The wires that come with it have length ratings of 1, 3, 6, and 6 feet, which should be plenty for most people.

Regarding connectivity, the packaging includes micro USB, USB type C, and Lightning connectors. A right-angle connector cable that can be highly useful is also included in the box. You will get QC 2.0 charging speeds with it, regardless of the connector you are using.

But even at the suggested price for dependability, the nicest thing about these Terasako charging cables is that they have a fantastic nylon braid structure and a 1.5-year warranty.


  • Three connectors each for all cables
  • Great nylon braid construction for reliability
  • Decent charging speeds


  • Not all cables are right-angle ones

Drtopey Magnetic Charging Cables

If you’re looking for something that gives excellent value for the money, Drtopey and its mobile accessories can be a perfect choice. This is also true with its magnetic charging cables.

This Drtopey magnetic charging cable is listed in third place because, despite its affordable price, it comes with a sizable bundle of cords. To be precise, the box has 12 connectors and a total of 5 cables. There are four different lengths available for these charging cables: 3, 6, and 10 feet.

On the other hand, this set of charging cords is highly adaptable because it also comes with micro USB, USB type C, and Lightning connectors. You still obtain QC 2.0 charging speeds with them even though one of the available cords is rather long and two of the included cables are at right angles.

This magnetic charging cable’s nylon braided design and 6-month warranty are excellent values considering the price tag.


  • High value for money cables
  • Straight and right-angle connectors
  • Pretty long charging cables


  • The slightly lower number of connectors

A.S Magnetic Charging Cables

Although A.S. and its mobile accessories are somewhat pricey, they do provide high-performance products, such as the magnetic charging cables mentioned below.

For those of you looking for a high-performance cable, the A.S magnetic charging cable can be a really wonderful choice. Along with delivering fast charging, this package includes 4 cables and 9 connectors, which is a good amount for most people.

With these cables, you also receive respectable length ratings of 3.3 feet, 3.3 feet, 6.6 feet, and 6.6 feet. Two of these magnetic charging cables have adjustable right-angle designs, which is one of their most distinctive features.

You may easily use the provided micro USB, USB type C, and lightning connectors according to your preferences with these movable connectors. When it comes to these magnetic cables’ charging rates, you’ll be happy to know that they support up to QC 3.0 speeds for rapid charging. These nylon braided cables come with a respectable 1-year warranty as well.


  • Excellent charging speeds
  • Quite reliable and durable
  • Unique adjustable charging connector angle


  • A bit on the expensive side

AUFU Magnetic Charging Cables

Aufu provides a smaller pack of magnetic charging cables with excellent performance because not everyone needs a big pack of cables, as indicated here.

If you simply need a few wires to charge your mobile devices, Aufu’s magnetic charging cable can be a fantastic choice. These magnetic charging cables, in contrast to the majority of other magnetic charging cables, come in a set of three cables that are combined with nine connectors, giving each cable three connectors. Each wire is 6.6 feet long, which could be a drawback if you like different cable lengths.

Thanks to the inclusion of micro USB, USB type C, and lightning ports, Aufu has thankfully not sacrificed the variety of its connectors. These magnetic connectors’ ability to support QC 3.0 charging speeds for quick charging is one of their outstanding features. The 1-year warranty that is offered is appropriate given that this is a premium choice.


  • Superb charging speeds
  • Three connectors for each cable
  • Great build quality


  • All cables have the same length

YKZ Magnetic Charging Cables

If you want something that gives outstanding performance statistics and versatility at the same time, YKZ with its magnetic charging cords can be a terrific premium alternative.

Due to its many features, this YKZ magnetic charging cable is the finest performing choice mentioned here. To begin with, there are a total of 4 cables in the box, which when paired with 12 connectors yields 3 connectors per cable. You will receive 3.3 feet, 3.3 feet, 6.6 feet, and 6.6 feet of cables in the box to provide the best charging performance.

Three micro USB, one USB type C, and three lightning ports are among its 12 connectors, allowing you to quickly charge any device. YKZ has provided QC 3.0 charging speeds with this cable for the fastest possible charging rates in a short amount of time. These cables have a nylon braid construction and a one-year warranty, which is to be expected given the price tag.


  • Excellent performance numbers
  • Highly durable and reliable
  • A large number of connectors


  • Not an affordable option

What are Magnetic Charging Cables?

Similar to a regular charging cable, a magnetic charging cable features a magnetic tip that connects to your electronic device. Versatility is this’s an initial benefit. A single cable can be used for several different devices by only changing the tip, as opposed to the full line.

Second, the tip can be removed from the cable and left within the cell phone (or another device). This lessens the strain placed on the cable and improves durability. There are numerous magnetic charging cables available with different tip options.

These cables may frequently be operated one-handedly due to their magnetic tip. This is not only useful when driving, but it’s also a huge plus for people who are elderly, have eyesight issues, or have muscle issues.

Typically, a braided nylon finish will be applied to a magnetic charging cord, adding to the cable’s durability. The braided finish of modern charging cables can endure the bends and twists that come with a charge cycle, in contrast to the normal rubber covering of conventional charging cables.

The way magnetic tip attaches to the cord adds additional durability. This is a significant weak point in conventional cables. This weakness is eliminated by the strong magnetic connection.

Last but not least, the magnetic charging cable symbolizes innovation and is typically outfitted with cutting-edge technology. Of course, not all magnetic cables are subject to this. But the magnetic charging cable stays up with other improvements as the newest technology available.

You might be perplexed by the rise of the magnetic charging cord if you’ve been careful to keep your phone away from magnets.

They cannot harm your phone, so don’t be concerned. In actuality, a smartphone wouldn’t be damaged by a household magnet since they lack the amount of force necessary to do it. Therefore, using the magnetic charging cable is safe.

Does Magnetic Charging Cables Support Fast Charging?

Fast charging is supported by some magnetic charging cords, yes. Not all of them, though, do.

The magnetic charging cable and the original charging cable are quite similar in many aspects. There are premium brand options with lots of features, but they cost more money. Budget choices are also available. These simply function as a simple chargers, but they do the job.

Some magnetic chargers have QualComm 2.0 technology, which enables rapid charging of approved devices. Power Delivery is compatible with others. These cables can give a fast charge if your gadget is capable of it.

Some magnetic chargers have QualComm 2.0 technology, which enables rapid charging of approved devices. Power Delivery is compatible with others. These cables can give a fast charge if your gadget is capable of it.

Is Data Transfer Possible With A Magnetic Charging Cable?

Data transfer is dependent on the specific brand of cable being offered, just as rapid charging. Some magnetic cords support charging and data transfer. Budget choices, however, are limited to charging.

It’s critical to be aware of what each model is capable of if you’re interested in selecting a magnetic charging cable. Magnetic cords are not all the same, much as the conventional charger.

While some cables combine the magnetic charge with a variety of useful features, some cables are only intended to fully charge your smartphone.

Pros and cons of magnetic charging cables

  • They are easier to use than regular cables because the magnetic tip only needs to be placed into your device once. Magnetic charging cables are a great option for kids, seniors, persons with impairments, and drivers thanks to this functionality.
  • The majority of the tips can be used with cables from the same company as well as some other companies because they are interchangeable.
  • Despite the strength of the magnets on the tips and connectors, if someone accidentally trips over the cable, it will split and stop your device from falling.
  • Due to the small size of the cable tips, they are quite simple to miss or lose.
  • Even a small drop will cause the tip to separate, allowing your phone to fall to the ground rather than being supported by the cable. It can be difficult to remove the damaged tip as well.
  • You might occasionally need to use a tool that you might not always have to separate the tip.

How to Choose the Best Magnetic Charging Cable:

It will be annoying to constantly connect and disconnect the charging cord while your devices are being charged. The greatest rescuers are magnetic charging wires since they instantly grab and connect.

You have already reviewed the top magnetic charging cords. You must read the following thorough information for the magnetic charging cords in order to assist you in making the best decision.

Let’s go into more depth about the variables to take into account when looking for the best magnetic charging cords.

Compatibility (or) Connector Types:

Before using a charging cable with the mobile or other devices, make sure the appropriate and compatible connector is established. There are many other types of connectors, but the three most common ones are micro USB, USB type C, and Lightning connectors. Fortunately, these three connectors are present on all magnetic charging cables due to their extreme adaptability.

Cable Length:

To be sure you are obtaining a flexible magnetic charging cable, you must also check the cable length in addition to the connector. Some people may like a long charging cable, while others may prefer a shorter one. As a result, you can choose from several cable lengths within a single pack, ranging from 1 foot to even 10 feet. As a result, any magnetic charging cable may charge numerous devices quickly and effectively.

Cable and Connector Count:

You may need several cords because you may have numerous mobile devices and USB-powered devices at home. Therefore, practically all magnetic charging cables are packaged with several cables and different types of connectors.

Depending on the model of your magnetic charging cable, you can easily find 4 to 7 cables in the package. You might anticipate receiving three times as many connectors in the bundle because each cable can employ up to three different types of connectors.

While some models come with 4-pack magnetic cables that include 12 connectors, this isn’t always the case. A model with a 7-pack magnetic charging cable, for instance, might only include 15 connectors in the box. So, before purchasing this magnetic charging cable, check the number of cables and connectors.

Charging Speed:

If it can’t provide the best charging speeds, even a magnetic charging cable with a lot of versatility won’t be helpful. The majority of magnetic charging cables are rated for charging at QC 2.0 and QC 3.0 speeds. While a QC 2.0 charging cable will be adequate for the majority of users, a magnetic charging cable that supports QC 3.0 will be significantly better for charging devices with large batteries.


Make sure the USB cable’s construction is secure and safe to use. The best magnetic charging cables are constructed from woven nylon, which is a robust, long-lasting, and tangle-resistant material. So, when selecting the magnetic charging cable, verify the material and take it into account.

Data Transfer:

Although consumers have a variety of alternatives for charging and data transfer. Some magnetic cables, like non-magnetic cables, are made specifically as charging cables. While some others offer both charging and data transfer.


Nobody wants their cables to become damaged after a few uses. You must select a product covered by a warranty for this. Therefore, the longer the warranty period, the better it acts as a sign of the product’s toughness. In addition to the warranty, you need to look at the magnetic head and cord material.

The cable’s strength will be maximized by using a higher-quality chord material, like nylon, which will undoubtedly provide superior durability. Many cables are now braided to increase durability and provide protection from everyday wear.

A magnetic connector with a 360° rotating head is a great addition that improves the robustness and security that the combination of magnetic head and cable offers.


An electrical product should be safe and secure to use. It must be built to provide dependable performance that anyone (from young children to older citizens) may use without any problems. Here are some precautions you should take in order to use these cables safely.

  • To avoid overcharging and premature wear on the cable and mobile, the magnetic charging cable should safeguard the device.
  • Its LED lights make it simple to move through shadowy areas, lowering the chance of mishaps.
  • Additionally, manufacturers must make the cable construction accessible to those who are blind.
  • The cable tips won’t be susceptible to short circuits because of the strong magnetic field.
  • Metal items should be removed and must include necessary safety precautions for their proper and extended use.
Ease to Use:

Magnetic charging cables have an easy-to-use design that doesn’t require any sudden or strenuous effort to attach or detach them. Keep in mind that a magnetic cable qualifies as a simple and versatile alternative when it offers two major functions.

  • A device that makes it simple to use your phone or other devices even with the cable connected without causing cord or pin damage. Aluminum mylar cables typically offer a great degree of flexibility.
  • Flexibility in terms of being able to attach and disconnect the cable without damaging the phone pin or cable, even in the middle of the night or in a dark area.
Design and Warranty:

Check the design of the magnetic charging cable if you’re seeking something flexible. Some magnetic charging cables come with a rotating connector that may be positioned at the ideal angle for a simple charge. To make sure the magnetic charging cable will last a long time, you need also to examine its physical design.

A braided charging cable made of nylon or material comparable to it will often be far more durable than one made of plain rubber. Check the magnetic charging cables’ provided warranty to obtain a good picture of their dependability. The majority of models come with a 1-year warranty, although others come with somewhat longer warranties. Keep in mind that a product’s longevity is improved by a longer warranty.


There could be a multitude of situations when you unintentionally trip over your charging cable and drop your phone on the ground. Thankfully, this may be readily avoided by using a magnetic cable that, in the event of an accident, safely detaches.

Consider using one of the top magnetic charging cables mentioned above if you are also searching for something comparable. All of these different magnetic charging cables include comprehensive buying guides along with descriptions of their key characteristics to assist you in choosing the best one.

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