Best Printer for Sticker Reviews and Buying Guide


The world is becoming quite mechanical. We work hard, chase deadlines, and experience a lot of stress every day. Several studies have shown that incorporating art into daily life might help people feel less stressed. Printing stickers is the simplest, to begin with. A fantastic method to show your hobbies is through strikers. When you see a sticker of your favorite anime character or a motivational saying on your laptop, desk, or table lamp, it might make you feel incredibly happy. If the simple things in life aren’t what make us happy, then what is? We have compiled a list of the best printer for sticker.

If you want to have your stickers printed online, it might get very pricey and time-consuming. Even worse, they might not consistently live up to your expectations. Instead, all you need is a competent sticker printer at home to produce stickers.

Stickers are a fantastic way to personalize a variety of items in your home and workplace. Stickers make it simple to customize a variety of items, including notebooks, phones, laptops, workspaces, and more. Printing personalized stickers for all of your possessions may be the greatest option if you want your stickers to look their finest. And if you want to do the same, you should utilize one of the top sticker printers listed below, which have been chosen based on the following criteria:

Printing Technology: 

You should check the printing technique to make sure your sticker printer can deliver the greatest results in terms of the detail and quality of the stickers. Even if there are other choices, all of the top sticker printers listed here use thermal printing, which uses heated ink to produce stickers of a high caliber.


You must link sticker printers to your devices in order to print personalized stickers based on any image of your choice. Since this can include both computers and cellphones, most sticker printers currently available have Bluetooth and USB connectivity for user convenience.

Printing Width:

Your printer’s sticker printing width only informs you of the greatest paper size you can use. You can just check the printing width in addition to the permitted paper size, while some sticker printers even list the full dimensions of the supported paper size. In this case, you have the choice of printing widths like 40 mm or 60 mm, as well as 2 inches or 3 inches, however, a higher printing width is always desired.

In addition to this, there are still many other things to take into account when choosing the best sticker printers. As a result, all of the top sticker printers listed below have been provided, together with thorough explanations of their key features and characteristics. Not only that, but you can also find a comprehensive “Buying Guide” for the top sticker printers as well as the most often-asked questions to make your decision much simpler.

Best Printer for Sticker 2023

Phomemo M02 Portable Pocket Printer
  • Uses thermal printing technology for printing stickers
  • Connects to your devices via Bluetooth and USB
  • Supports a maximum printing width of up to 2.08 inches
  • Comes included with a 1-year long warranty for reliability
MANGOSLAB nemonic Label
  • Uses thermal printing technology for printing stickers
  • Connects to your devices via Bluetooth and USB
  • Supports a maximum printing width of up to 4 inches
  • Comes included with a 1-year warranty for reliability
Oil Change Reminder Printer
  • Uses thermal printing technology for printing stickers
  • Supports a maximum printing width of up to 2.5 inches
  • Comes included with a 2-year warranty for reliability
Mini Pocket Sticker Printer
  • Uses thermal printing technology for printing stickers
  • Connects to your devices via Bluetooth and USB
  • Supports a maximum printing width of up to 2.24 inches
Thermal Sticker Printer
  • Uses thermal printing technology for printing stickers
  • Connects to your devices via Bluetooth
  • Supports a maximum printing width of up to 2.26 inches
  • Comes included with a 1-year long warranty for reliability
Phomemo M110 Label Maker
  • Uses thermal printing technology for printing stickers
  • Connects to your devices via Bluetooth and USB
  • Supports a maximum printing width of up to 1.89 inches
  • Comes included with a 1-year long warranty for reliability
Stand Alone Oil Change Sticker / Label Printer
  • Uses thermal printing technology for printing stickers
  • Connects to your devices via USB
  • Supports a maximum printing width of up to 2.18 inches
  • Comes included with a 3-year warranty for reliability

Phomemo M02 Portable Pocket Printer

A wonderful wireless sticker printer is among the many wireless accessories for smartphones and cameras that Phomemo offers. It works well with your smartphone.

The Phomemo M02 sticker printer is ranked first on this list because it is the ideal option for individuals looking for a simple-to-use feature. Even though it has a very user-friendly interface, this sticker printer nevertheless uses thermal printing technology for the greatest outcomes. For convenience of use, it also performs the same functions when connected through Bluetooth and USB.

Despite being a rather portable sticker printer, it can nevertheless print on paper that is a respectably large 2.08 inches across. For durability and peace of mind, you also receive a 1-year warranty with this sticker printer.


  • Superb user-friendly and easy-to-use printer for stickers
  • Various connectivity options for printing large stickers with ease
  • High-quality sticker printing with best the technology application


  • Battery life is a bit average compared to others

MANGOSLAB nemonic Label

Mangoslab and its sticker printers might be an excellent alternative for anyone searching for feature-rich options while being slightly on the pricey side.

The second item on this list is Mangoslab’s Nemonic sticker printer, which is a very adaptable choice because of the many functions and possibilities it comes with. Starting with its printing system, it uses thermal printing technology to provide prints of excellent quality. Additionally, this sticker printer features Bluetooth and USB connectivity so that you may use it with any device of your choice.

The Mangoslab sticker printer’s superior printing width of up to 4 inches, however, is its finest feature. Additionally, this printer comes with a 1-year warranty for stickers, which is reasonable given the price.


  • Excellent and best-in-class printing width
  • Superb printing quality with best-in-class printing technology
  • A great choice for multiple connectivity options


  • A bit on the expensive side

Oil Change Reminder Printer

It is also true for its printer for the stickers offered here that Indy Print and its printers differ significantly from those of other companies in terms of both function and form factor.

Due to the fact that it is the only choice shown here that is designed for standalone printing, this Indy Print Oil Change Reminder printer for stickers is present in the third position in this article. The downside of this is that it can only support printing the 1000+ built-in designs and lacks any connectivity possibilities. Nevertheless, due to the high cost of the sticker printer, thermal printing is used.

Despite just being able to print the 1000+ provided designs, you can still print on rather large pages up to 2.5 inches wide. Given how costly this Indy Print sticker printer is, it also comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • Easy to use the standalone printer for oil reminder slips
  • Large printing width for making large labels
  • More than 1000+ inbuilt designs and options


  • Lacks any connectivity options since it is only a standalone printer for stickers

Mini Pocket Sticker Printer

Even though Sunlong is a newer, smaller brand of printers, it is still a fantastic choice for many people, especially when you take into account its affordable price.

The Sunlong sticker printer is the least expensive option presented here, making it the best choice for you if you have financial constraints. Despite being significantly less expensive than the majority of other options, this sticker printer nevertheless offers thermal printing. This sticker printer’s versatility is enhanced by the fact that it also features Bluetooth and USB connectivity.

Although this entry-level sticker printer is relatively small and portable, it can nevertheless provide a respectable printing width of up to 2.24 inches. However, since this is a rather tiny business and does not offer a warranty, you should consider alternative options if you’re searching for sticker printers that are also quite durable.


  • Amazing printer for stickers for buyers on a budget
  • Quite great printing width considering the given price
  • Delivers amazing quality and detailed prints thanks to thermal printing


  • Misses out on an included warranty period

 Thermal Sticker Printer

You may be searching for something small and portable, which is exactly what Pooolitech offers if you intend to use your sticker printer mostly with your smartphone.

The sticker printer from Poolitech is the smallest one offered here, making it perfect for use while traveling. This printer for stickers uses thermal printing like the majority of the other options despite having such a small form factor. Despite not having USB connectivity, this printer still has Bluetooth connectivity, which is usually a plus.

Moving on to printing, this printer can offer a printing width of up to 2.26 inches, which is really impressive given its form size. Additionally, this sticker printer comes with a one-year warranty, which is always a plus.


  • Excellent printer for stickers made for on-the-go usage
  • Quite a high printing width considering the given size
  • Solid build quality along with a standard warranty period


  • Does not support USB connectivity for computers

Phomemo M110 Label Maker

For individuals who desire a sticker printer that can also be utilized to create labels for your workplace and office, Phomemo also provides better possibilities.

If you’re looking for a portable and small label maker for your workstation, the Phomemo M110 sticker printer is one of your best possibilities. This sticker printer utilizes thermal printing, which produces excellent quality and detail, just like the majority of other sticker printers. More importantly, this printer even includes Bluetooth and USB connectivity for user-friendliness.

Since this printer was designed primarily for label printing, its maximum printing width is only 1.89 inches, which is considerably less than that of other printers. Thankfully, it still comes with a 1-year guarantee, which is the same as most others.


  • A great option for using as a label maker in your office
  • Solid connectivity options for ease of use and practicality
  • Offers great results in terms of printing quality and detail


  • The printing width rating is a bit average compared to others

Stand Alone Oil Change Sticker / Label Printer

For those who prefer a desktop label maker over a smartphone-compatible portable sticker maker, McAuley and its printers are yet another choice.

For anyone who wants a full-size label maker and to print stickers from their computer, the McAuley Labels sticker printer is the ideal option. This only supports USB connectivity and does not support Bluetooth because it is designed for desk use. Speaking of how it works internally, this one likewise uses thermal printing to produce excellent print quality on your labels.

Considering that this is just a label maker, you get a maximum printing width of up to 2.12 inches which is pretty good. And since this is a high-end printer for stickers, you also get a 3-year warranty with it which makes it highly reliable and durable.


  • A great option for using as a label maker
  • Excellent choice for long-term usage with a superb warranty period
  • Pretty high printing width for a printer for stickers


  • Lacks Bluetooth connectivity for being used with a smartphone

Buying Guide for the Best Printers for Stickers

As implied by the name, a sticker printer is essentially a customized printer that can print stickers at your house or place of business. Once printed, these stickers may be used to quickly personalize all of your possessions.

We’ve previously covered a handful of the top printers for stickers above because they’re so useful. In fact, all of these top sticker printers also include a breakdown of their key attributes and features. However, if you’re still curious, be sure to read through this thorough shopping advice for the top sticker printers:

Printing Technology

You should look into the printing method your printer employs before looking into any of the sticker-related options it offers. This is because the printing technology a particular printer uses will have an impact on the clarity and detail of all prints. All of the top sticker printers listed above use thermal printing technology for just this reason. This guarantees top-notch outcomes regardless of the design you print for stickers on your printer.


If you acquire a sticker printer, you’ll probably use it to print all different kinds of personalized stickers. However, you must first link your sticker printer to your gadgets, such as a laptop or smartphone, in order to accomplish the same. To ensure that you can easily print customized stickers, you should also verify the connectivity choices of your sticker printers.

Most sticker printers come with Bluetooth and USB connectivity options, which is great because it allows you to print wirelessly from both your computer and your smartphone. However, the majority of sticker printers with USB ports simply use them to recharge the internal battery, not to print.

Printing Width

You should also verify your sticker printer’s printing width to make sure you can print as many large stickers as you’d like. In rare instances, certain sticker printers may additionally list the precise sticker dimensions that they can produce. However, you can quickly determine the size of the stickers you can print by looking at the printing width.

Regarding the alternatives for printing width, they can range from up to 2 inches or 3 inches to ratings of up to 40 mm or 60 mm. A higher printing width would always be preferable if you want something for all such printing width grades.

Battery Life

As was already noted, practically all sticker printers include Bluetooth connectivity so you can print stickers while you’re on the road. However, most sticker printers come with an internal battery to make them truly wireless. Therefore, if you plan to print numerous stickers at once, you should also verify the battery life of your sticker printer.

In this regard, you can start by looking at the battery capacity, which may range from 1000 mAh to 2000 mAh batteries, depending on the sticker printers you have. In addition, you might think about looking at the battery life rating, which might be up to 8 hours, 10 hours, or even 12 hours.


Even though a printer for stickers won’t be used as much as a standard printer at your home or office, you would still want your printer for stickers to be as durable and reliable as possible. This simply ensures that you can keep using your printer for stickers for a long time without facing any issues.
And while you can also check the build quality of your printer for stickers for the same, checking the included warranty period is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you are going with a reliable printer for stickers. While most printers for stickers come backed by a 1 year-long warranty, highly reliable options can even include a 3 year-long warranty for your peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is sticker printing?

The process of printing stickers onto paper or vinyl sticker papers is known as sticker printing. Both inkjet and laser printers are suitable for the task. However, as inkjets are better at handling graphics than lasers, they are typically utilized in situations where richer print quality is required. Nevertheless, it is crucial to use particular sticker papers for each.

What are custom stickers and how to use them?

Each design should have a different process for producing stickers. Stickers for promotional reasons, for example, should adhere to the aforementioned rules, whereas stickers for labeling and archiving, for example, should be made differently from stickers for packaging and marketing.

Everything must be varied because it relies on the scenario, including the number of stock pieces and the sizes and finishes of the cut pieces. A dependable printing company will offer a range of options to satisfy your specific sticker needs.

How can I print my own stickers?

Sticker printing isn’t as difficult as setting foot on Mars; all you need is some free time, a reliable printer, and some paper or vinyl. Sticker printers use unique print mediums, unlike standard printers.

The media changes depending on the application. For instance, you might want to use regular sticker paper if you’re printing labels to identify various containers in your kitchen. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and you may even get pre-cut labels in these formats.

However, you should use a little quality paper if you want to print labels that are water-resistant. Look for matte label sheets because they are typically water-resistant. The problem is that regular ink cannot be used to produce water-resistant labels. Search for printers that can use pigment ink.

Vinyl sticker printing is the most expensive option on the list. The most long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing stickers are made of vinyl. These are the ones we typically run into online. They can be stuck to water bottles, coffee mugs, laptops, bikes, and cars.

Standard or custom-shaped stickers, what to choose?

Your sticker can stand out from the crowd by combining a distinctive sticker design with a clever idea. If the correct custom shape is given to an otherwise standard design, it will really “pop”. Because they have been effective in the past, standard forms are employed.

Logos work effectively when combined with conventional geometric shapes like squares, rectangles, circles, and ovals. Standard forms cost less per piece because no special die-cut pattern is needed.

What is the difference between Stickers and Labels?

Labels are used to offer information such as an address, a brand, or a phone number, whereas stickers are typically utilized for aesthetic purposes. Because the printing procedures for stickers and labels are so similar, the terms will be used interchangeably in this text.

Why Is It Awesome to Print Vinyl Stickers?

While you don’t necessarily need a special printer for stickers, there are some good features to look for if you are going to buy a new printer anyhow. Fortunately, as this often works, the best inkjet printer for printing stickers is usually the best printer overall for any artist or crafter. Vinyl stickers are the best stickers for durability, quality feel, and attractiveness when printed.

Can I print stickers on standard paper by using a printer for stickers?

Even if you were able to print stickers using your printer and drawings on regular paper, it would be useless. This is because sticker paper adheres to surfaces better than regular paper does. Therefore, purchasing specific sticker paper to use with your printer for stickers is advised.

How can I add my custom designs to my printer for printing stickers?

You can utilize bespoke designs for printing stickers with your sticker printer by using the computer software or smartphone app that comes with it. To quickly print as a sticker on any paper you are using, these tools and programs typically demand you to add a pattern or design in PNG format.

How do I charge my printer for stickers once it runs out of power?

If you print stickers on a regular basis, your printer may run out of power. In that scenario, you may just use the USB connector on the rear to recharge it once more. Typically, this will be a micro USB connector that may quickly charge the internal battery.


A conventional printer works wonderfully for printing documents and pictures, but it cannot print things like stickers since they need specialized paper and ink. Instead, you will need to employ specialized printers, such as the top sticker printers on this list from before. These top sticker printers have all been included together with their crucial features and specifications. If that’s not enough, you can also find a thorough buying guide and some frequently asked questions about the top sticker printers.

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