Best Retractable Extension Cord Reviews & Buying Guide

An extension cord may cause unintended project pauses. These wires might cause people to trip without any prior notice. The persons in the garage may also be at risk from these cords for their safety.

Much like an air hose reel, a retractable rope can be of great use. It can be easily mounted out of the way of other people. This spot could be the center of your garage’s wall or ceiling. A layout like this will keep your space neat and stop people from tripping.

To avoid more issues, we constantly struggle to locate the ideal power outlet for the various devices in our home and attempt to keep them as close to a wall outlet as we can. However, it is not always feasible, especially for portable items like vacuum cleaners, power tools, computers, portable coolers, and many more that you might need to use all throughout your home or business.

A dependable extension cord that can easily power various devices is the best option in this situation. Better yet, the extension cord should be retractable when not in use. Even if you choose a really lengthy cable, these wires don’t cause a mess. You should be aware of the following intriguing characteristics of retractable extension cables.


The only purpose of purchasing an extension cord is to increase the connectivity of the wall socket in your home or place of business so that more electrical devices can be powered by it. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider how far you want to increase connectivity. By taking into account the length of the retractable extension cord you intend to purchase, you may confirm that. There are many alternatives available when it comes to chord length, and our list includes cords that range in length from 3 feet to 100 feet.


All devices require a different type of electrical supply. If you intend to use a retractable extension cable to plug in heavy-duty electronics, you should spend money on a durable, high-quality product that can produce the electricity required to power these devices. If the input exceeds the cord’s capacity, it could fry the cord and result in a short circuit, neither of which can be beneficial.


The technical term “gauge” refers to a wire’s thickness, or more precisely, to its measurement in AWG. The cable’s thickness lowers as this number rises. Its ability to transport a high voltage supply follows. Any high gauge extension cord alternative would do if you just need a basic one. However, you will want a low gauge retractable extension chord for strong equipment.

Beyond these aspects, there are many other things to consider before you choose a retractable extension cord or simple power cable. In order to save you the hassle of having to sort through hundreds of possibilities, we have created this list of the best retractable extension cables. Along with a brief analysis of the product, we will also list all of its top characteristics. Visit our Buying Guide for the Best Retractable Extension Cables to learn more about the features of retractable extension cords.

Best Retractable Extension Cords of 2022

Bayco SL-8904 Cord Management & Reels
  • Built-in circuit breaker
  • Four polarised plugs
  • Weather-proof
Designers Edge E238 Extension Cord
  • High-quality cord
  • Six grounded outlets
  • CUL and UL certification
  • Built-in circuit breaker
Woods 4907 Extension Cord Reel
  • One of the most affordable extension cords on the market
  • High impact durable case withstands rugged use and extends the life span
  • A convenient cord clip at the back makes the extension cable more organized
  • UL and cUL Listed product
  • Can handle up to 1,500 watts of power
Masterplug Power At Work Four Power Outlets Cord Reel with Handle
  • Four surge-protected outlets
  • Each outlet requires 10 AMP and 120V
  • Masterplug’s steel solid base and robust design
  • 3-year warranty
IRON FORGE CABLE Retractable Extension Cord Reel
  • It is a 16 gauge cord
  • Cord length is about 30 feet
  • The automatic circuit breaker has a 10 amps rating
  • It has a lifetime replacement warranty
CopperPeak Tools Retractable Extension Cord Reel
  • It is a 14 gauge cord
  • Cord length is about 50 feet
  • One of the heavy-duty options on this list
  • Compact option compared to a few other choices
Link 2 Home Cord Reel Extension Cord 4 Power Outlets
  • It is a 14 gauge cord
  • Cord length is about 60 feet
  • The automatic circuit breaker has a 13 amps rating
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty period
ReelWorks Extension Cord Reel Retractable
  • It is a 16 gauge cord
  • Cord length is about 65 feet
  • The automatic circuit breaker has a 15 amps rating
  • It features triple-tap connectors
BLACK+DECKER Retractable Extension Cord
  • It is a 16 gauge cord
  • Cord length is about 25 feet
  • The automatic circuit breaker has a 10 amps rating
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty period

Bayco SL-8904 Cord Management & Reels

The strongest and best cord reel was made by Bayco. The product was evaluated by the manufacturer, who also ensures that consumers may use it safely in the most trying circumstances. Because this portable cable reel is made of high-quality materials, you can use it in any condition.

You can utilize it on levels that are tactical, recreational, and outdoor. It is the most well-liked product on the market when compared to other products because of its sturdy composition. It is equipped with four polarised plugs, each of which draws 15 amps. Additionally, these have grounded outlets that include power cord reels.

Additionally, the Bayco retractable cord reel includes an integrated circuit breaker. These circuit breaker guards against damage to electrical devices receiving overload current. In addition to the LED status indicator that indicates whether this cord reel is turned on or off, there are four power outlets.

Every time you turn on this cord, the power light comes on. This rope reel can be used anywhere, including your house, workplace, garage, and workshop.

With the help of the mounting bracket that is included with this item, you may also utilize it in your home’s ceiling. It is portable and may be used to cover a larger area due to the 50-foot cable reel.


  • It features a built-in circuit breaker, which guards against harm from excessive electricity to the electrical home appliances.
  • It is equipped with four polarised plugs, each of which draws 15 amps.
  • You can use it in all types of weather and at outdoor, tactical, and recreational levels.


  • No m major cons

Designers Edge E238 Extension Cord

The Designers Edge cord wheel is ideal for usage anywhere, including your garage, home, or workshop. The user is able to run numerous electrical items at once thanks to the six grounded outlets that are available.

The combination of black and green extension cords is supplied with a cord reel that can prevent you from tripping over it.

It has a metal base robust stand and a 50-foot cable reel in addition to being more durable. While unwinding and winding cords, this study maintains its stability. This power plant has a capacity of more than 1875 watts. The high-quality cord assures that you may use this safe power station in your home or workplace.

It is also available in two sizes, with each size having a different gauge. To prevent overcharged electricity or voltage, a built-in circuit breaker requires 15 AMP. You can prevent damage to your appliance from the extra current.

To prevent short circuits, the LED light lets you know when the power is on and the cord reel is in use. It comes with a handle that enables easy movement of the reel and simple transportation.

When compared to other items on the market, the Designers Edge product is more well-known because of its CUL and UL certification.


  • It is available in two sizes, with the gauge of each size varying. For example, one cable reel is available in 12/3 gauge and the other in 12/3 gauge.
  • The high-quality cord assures that you may use this safe power station in your home or workplace.
  • The user is able to run numerous electrical items at once thanks to the six grounded outlets that are available.
  • When compared to other items on the market, the Designers Edge product is more well-known because of its CUL and UL certification.
  • A built-in circuit breaker needs 15 AMPs to defend against an overload of power or current.


  • No major cons

Woods 4907 Extension Cord Reel

The Woods 4907 is a wonderful solution for individuals who are on a small budget but still require an extension cable. Although it is among the least expensive options available, this extension cord nonetheless offers the same level of safety as more expensive choices. Additionally, this extension cord has four grounded connections, making it suitable for all of your gadgets.

The extension cord is equipped with a high-impact housing that can resist rough use. Additionally, it is resilient enough to withstand inadvertent harm from drops off of tables. When the cable and plug are withdrawn, the case itself has a cord clip to secure them.

The Woods 4907 maintains good standards despite its inexpensive cost. It was examined and found to meet both US and Canadian safety standards because it is both UL and cUL listed. Additionally, it can manage up to 1,500 watts of power, making it suitable for the majority of domestic and professional applications.

Although the rope is just 25 feet long and the winding process is smooth, it can be challenging to use the three tiny plastic pegs to retract the wire. For more ergonomic use, it would have been preferable if they had added a freewheel winding grip.


  • One of the most affordable extension cords on the market
  • High impact durable case withstands rugged use and extends the life span
  • A convenient cord clip at the back makes the extension cable more organized
  • UL and cUL Listed product
  • Can handle up to 1,500 watts of power


  • No winding grip makes retracting the cable a bit difficult

Masterplug Power At Work Four Power Outlets Cord Reel with Handle

You can use the Masterplug cord reel in your house, garage, yard, and for an industrial lighting project. With its four surge-protected plugs and 40 feet of retractable cord, this device gives you the flexibility to use it in a larger space. Each of the four surge-protected outlets requires 120V and 10 AMP.

The Masterplug’s steel solid base and robust design guarantee you a long-lasting extension cord that is neat and tangle-free. You may buy a Masterplug wall-mount bracket separately to put this cord anywhere in your house or office.

It may be turned on and off with a switch, which increases the safety of the cord reels. It is a more functional and heavy-duty cord extension thanks to the adaptable design. Without making a wire mess in your house, shop, or garage, it is readily rugged.

Additionally, the incorporated cord is kept in a sturdy reel for storage and ease of usage. The surge overload protection and reset button are provided by the manufacturer, and they are excellent for lighting, tools, and other requirements.

With no more messy cable heaps or knotting hassle thanks to the reel, you can quickly use it. The Masterplug retractable 40-foot wire has a right-angle plug to reduce the number of connecting points and provide electricity wherever and whenever you need it. It offers a 3-year warranty to users so they may enjoy this retractable cable reel.


  • It’s perfect for connecting household items, tools, lighting, or other requirements.
  • The Masterplug offers a 3-year warranty for the use of this extension cord reel.
  • There are four surge-protected outlets, allowing you to direct electricity where it is needed.
  • Each outlet requires 10 AMP and 120V.
  • This top extension chord retractable reel can be used in your yard, workshop, home, and commercial lighting projects.
  • The Masterplug’s steel solid base and robust design guarantee you a long-lasting extension cord that is neat and tangle-free.


  • The plug locations are too close together, making it difficult to use all of the plugs.

IRON FORGE CABLE Retractable Extension Cord Reel

The retractable extension cords with one from IRON FORGE CABLE is a good option because it is an inexpensive option, and are fairly popular on the market. A variety of cables and extension cords are designed by IRON FORGE CABLE.

We have an automatic retractable extension chord from IRON FORGE CABLE in the first place. With a maximum rope length of around 30 feet, this cord reel’s automated retraction definitely saves time. Additionally, it comes with a 10 amp circuit breaker switch and three grounded plugs for added security.

The retractable extension cord from IRON FORGE CABLE is utilized with a cord with a gauge rating of 16 AWG. As a result, it is a great option for installations in offices or typical family settings. Regarding safety, IRON FORGE CABLE has made every effort to ensure it, as the cord is UL approved and qualified for use up to 1250 watts and 125 volts without causing damage.

Additionally, the IRON FORGE Cord cable comes with a lifetime replacement warranty in case something goes wrong.


  • One of the most reliable options on this list
  • 3 outlets for simultaneous usage
  • UL listed extension cord


  • It is not suitable for workshops and heavy machinery

CopperPeak Tools Retractable Extension Cord Reel

We have a few excellent choices in the premium selection of retractable extension cables, including the one from CopperPeak Tools. Due to their distinctive designs and feature sets, CopperPeak Tools goods are constantly noticeable on the market.

One of the few premium options on our list of the top retractable extension cords is the CopperPeak Tools Retractable Extension Cord. This 50-foot extension cord has a lot of great features that you’ll undoubtedly appreciate. First of all, as opposed to typical 16 gauge cables, it has a 14 gauge cord that is suitable for heavier uses. Additionally, you will still have three power outlets for a variety of uses.

Another small and portable choice is the CopperPeak Tools Retractable Extension Cord, which can be placed on the wall or ceiling for convenient access. With the CopperPeak Tools Retractable Extension Cord close to your electrical equipment, you can essentially turn a nearby wall outlet into a permanent one. The extension cord reel can be turned 180 degrees even after mounting to guarantee optimal connectivity in all directions.


  • Rated for heavier applications in comparison
  • The reel can be mounted on a ceiling or wall
  • The reel can be rotated within 180 degrees


  • Mounting is necessary to properly use the extension cord

Link 2 Home Cord Reel Extension Cord 4 Power Outlets

With the following extension cord reel, Link 2 Home adds another excellent choice to our list. It is one of the possibilities on our list of today’s picks that is the longest.

Consider using the Link 2 Home Cord Reel if the length of the cable is a decisive issue in your situation. This extension cord is 60 feet long, which is longer than any other choice we have seen thus far. The 14 AWG gauge hard service cable is rated for heavy uses as well. Additionally, the Link 2 Home Extension Cord contains a built-in circuit breaker to safeguard your electronics from overload.

The Link 2 Home Extension Cord, in contrast to most other options, has 4 grounded power outlets that enable simultaneous connecting of several power tools or comparable equipment. A special handle is also supplied on top of the device to make carrying it more convenient. You will also find a tiny cylindrical knob on the reel itself for reeling the rope. Given that it’s a high-end option, the Link 2 Home Extension Cord comes with a 3-year warranty, which is very decent.


  • Heavy-duty 14 gauge cord
  • Built-in circuit breaker
  • CSA-certified cord reel


  • Comparatively heavier than other options

ReelWorks Extension Cord Reel Retractable

On our list, ReelWorks also provides a fantastic alternative for a lengthy retractable extension cord. Check out some of the retractable extension cord solutions offered by ReelWorks.

Our second choice for the best retractable extension cord is the ReelWorks Extension Cord Reel. Due to the 12 AWG gauge grade of the chord used with this reel, the 65 feet-long extension cord is recommended for top-tier heavy applications. This heavy-duty commercial cable has triple-tap connectors, enables connections up to 15 amps, and can offer 1875 watts of electricity.

This device, like our top option, may also be installed on a wall or ceiling to provide a fixed connection point for large appliances that cannot be relocated. Additionally, it features an adjustable cable stopper so you don’t have to pull out the entire length of the cord to utilize the length of line that you need for your application. Additionally, there are 2 non-slang rollers to guard against cable abrasion after many years of use.


  • The cord is rated for heavy applications and supports up to 15 amps power supply
  • The device can be mounted on a ceiling or a wall
  • The mounting bracket allows 135 degrees of movement


  • Not a suitable choice for domestic applications

BLACK+DECKER Retractable Extension Cord

We should expose you to the following retractable extension cord choice from BLACK+DECKER as we are talking about economical alternatives. As you may already be aware, BLACK+DECKER creates a large selection of electronic goods that fall into a reasonable price range.

Looking for a retractable extension cable that is affordable and very reliable? look nowhere else. The greatest choice you may discover at this pricing point is the BLACK+DECKER Retractable Extension Cord. The BLACK+DECKER Retractable Extension Cord, in contrast to other less expensive solutions, has a 20-foot cord that is more than adequate for basic uses. For simultaneous use of various apps, it also features 4 outlets.

Additionally, the 16 AWG gauge classification of the cord utilized with the BLACK+DECKER Retractable Extension Cord reel makes it ideal for basic applications like your home appliances. The BLACK+DECKER Retractable Extension Cord also contains a built-in circuit breaker that cuts off the flow of current as soon as it senses an issue with the supply, providing maximum safety against electrical difficulties. A 3-year guarantee is also included with this retractable extension cord reel.


  • Comes with an easy rewind handle
  • An additional carrying handle is provided for portability
  • 16 AWG cable for basic applications


  • It does not have USB ports

Buying Guide For The Best Retractable Extension Cord

The list of the top retractable extensions provided here may be a little difficult for you if you are unfamiliar with extension cords or electrical appliances in general. These items include many technical features and specifications that, if you don’t know what they are and how they affect the performance of a simple cable, are difficult to understand.

We are providing you with this useful buying guide for the top retractable extension cord in order to assist you with that. Here, we’ll discuss the same elements in more detail to give you a clear understanding of their significance. In this way, you can quickly evaluate the choices we’ve provided on this list and choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. Therefore, before you make a choice, we strongly advise you to read our shopping guide for the finest retractable extension cord.

Length of the Cord

It is difficult to overstate how crucial it is to measure the extension cord’s length before purchasing one. If the extension cable isn’t long enough to connect these gadgets easily, it would be useless as you’re getting one to power up devices that are far from the power source. Furthermore, having a wire that can hardly connect to the power source and is under constant tension is dangerous since it increases the risk of short circuits and other, potentially more serious accidents.

To assist you to identify the best solution for your needs, we have included the length of the extension chord with each of our recommendations. Several users avoid purchasing excessively lengthy extension cables because doing so could put them in danger if there are many cables laying about the area where they need to work. However, since these connections are retractable, you shouldn’t be concerned about extra cords leaving clutter on the floor when you use them.

Number of Power Outlets

The number of outlets offered by the retractable extension cord is another crucial aspect. It makes sense to use an extension cord that is further from the source to power a single device. But what if you had to run two appliances in addition to the first one? What if you acquire additional power tools and want to utilize them all at once on your project? The provision of several power outlets on a single retractable extension cord provides the answer to this query.

Your unit’s application flexibility increases with the number of outlets it has. Generally speaking, you ought to search for an extension cord with three or more power outlets, if not more. Additionally, it would be helpful to have a variety of power outlets on the cord for even better device compatibility.

The USB port on some excellent retractable extension cables allows you to directly charge your smartphone or other USB-powered devices even when the regular ports are occupied. For safety reasons, another aspect you shouldn’t overlook is whether or not these outlets come with 3-pin grounded plugs.

Reel Design

Retractable extension cords only significantly depend on the reel design. Along with the power source, you should also consider how user-friendly the retractable extension cord is before you buy it. To get an understanding of how that works, you should look at the unit’s reel structure. Cable retraction will happen more quickly on a well-designed reel. But on top of that, a great reel also provides safety for the cable itself.

The reel base must, above all, be large enough to prevent the coil from being too closely packed when it is fully retracted. The reel should also be resistant to the elements and free of rust and corrosion, which could potentially harm the cable and interfere with the power supply. The reel should also include a handle to make it simpler to retract when you’re done using the extension cord in the event that it is not automatic.

If the reel is hefty, moving it around will be difficult if you want to use the device outside. However, the task is made much easier if the unit has carrying handles or gripping areas.

Automatic Circuit Breaker

If you are familiar with electrical circuits, you should be aware of automatic circuit breakers and how crucial they are to the safety of extension cords. This essentially functions as a failsafe protective trigger that can prevent incidents brought on by erratic power supplies. The automatic circuit breaker, as its name suggests, automatically interrupts the circuit the moment it notices an unexpected current flow through the device. The majority of the time, unexpected power surges—which are more frequent than you might imagine—are what cause it.

The extension cord and the electrical device connected to it may be damaged by these power surges. But more significantly, if the appliance you’re using has a lot of electricity, it poses a fire risk. For various models, a particular current limit must be exceeded in order to activate the automatic circuit breaker. The reason the rope utilized with the retractable circuit breaker also affects how it changes. Check the automated circuit breaker fitted on the retractable extension cord’s amperage rating when you pick it up to make sure it is safe for your application.


How do retractable extension cords work?

An exclusive reel, which is only a wheel that holds the entire length of the cord wound around it, is a feature of retractable extension cords. When you wish to use the extension cable, you simply need to plug it in and unwind the required amount of cord to go to your appliance or the location where you need the outlet. There is a ratchet lock that keeps the cord from rolling back in while you are extending it. Simply give the cable a tug after you’re finished using it, and it will roll back into place on its own.

Are retractable extension cords safe?

Many people have long been wary of coiled cables. The medium heats up when power flows through the cables. Additionally, the heat from coiled cables can spread far and provide a risk of fire. But those times are over thanks to the advancements in retractable extension cords, which feature numerous layers of cable shielding to reduce heat buildup. Additionally, the cord’s exterior coating is exceptionally durable and does not flake off easily. You won’t have to be concerned about getting electrocuted after touching the cord as a result.

Is it possible to make a regular extension cord retractable?

The spool that stores the extension cable is the only distinction between a standard extension cable and a retractable one. Therefore, you can change your present extension cord into a retractable one if you can find the ideal reel for your cable. Given that, we will strongly advise you to purchase a retractable cable from a reputable manufacturer since you cannot be certain of the dependability of a conventional cord when it is wound around a reel. Retractable extension cord manufacturers employ a premium coil to completely avoid safety breaches.

How Do You Make a Retractable Extension Cord Reel?

You need an ordinary extension cord reel and the willingness to do some DIY work to create a 20 amp retractable extension cord reel. Drill a 1-inch hole at the center of it first. When doing this, take care not to harm the cable’s center clip.

Once finished, thread the extension cord’s male end through the side hole you just created. Select the right length so that the cable from the reel to the wall isn’t too long and you can reach the outlet with ease.

Once you’ve determined the ideal length, wind the remaining portion of the extension cable onto the reel before using a regular cord reel to connect the base cord to the center clip. The retractable base can then be unwound to the desired length while remaining orderly.

Are Outdoor Extension Cord Reels Safe in the Rain?

I have never come across a watertight extension cord in my working life. I have found that some 220v retractable extension cord reels are water-resistant, so you can use those in a light drizzle. Avoid getting your extension cords wet though, just to be safe.

There are several extension cables available on the market with splash-resistant characteristics, such as the Goodyear extension cord reel and the Harbor Freight extension cord reel.


The greatest retractable wire reel is required for use in your garage or workshop. It enables you to utilize numerous gadgets in one outlet while extending the reach of your equipment.

Finding the right extension cable reel requires taking into account your outlet voltage and the current rating of the instruments you intend to use, whether you require a 200-foot or 20-foot extension cord reel. It is essential since not every extension cord can be used with outlets that are both 120 and 240 volts.

We hope the details in our buying guide for the top retractable extension cable are sufficient to point you in the direction of the best option that falls within your price range. Right here, you’ll also discover a FAQ section that will answer any questions you could have concerning retractable extension cables. Do not worry if you are still undecided about your preference. From our selections, we have carefully chosen a few excellent solutions that might be a good fit for you. You would want to get a retractable extension cable that would serve you for many years to come, like our recommendations given above, as they aren’t exactly inexpensive, to begin with.

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