Best RV Observation Camera Reviews and Buying Guide

It need not be difficult to get the greatest RV backup camera. You will learn everything you need to know about these devices in this post, making it easier for you. It will guarantee that choosing the ideal one is a simple and uncomplicated choice.

There is no question that if you own a motorhome, you must enjoy traveling a lot. Well, it goes without saying that taking a long trip in your RV is pleasant.
One drawback of driving with an RV hitched to the back of your car is that the entire rear view is obscured. When you don’t know why people are honking at you from behind, it might be annoying at times.

Don’t worry about it; all you need to do is install an RV observation camera on the back of your RV. An RV backup camera aids you when going backward and also alerts you about tailgating. Having said that, we have already chosen for you a few of the top RV observation cameras based on the following criteria:

Camera Resolution:

We shouldn’t forget to check the camera’s recording resolution as we are purchasing it for recording purposes. The majority of cameras today can capture video in 720p HD resolution, however, others are much more powerful. A camera recording with a greater resolution is always more aesthetically pleasing and contains more detail.

Display size and resolution:

The display size and resolution should always be considered when purchasing an RV observation camera. You can more easily see minute details and get a good picture of the camera footage on a wide monitor with excellent quality.

Signal Range:

It’s crucial to evaluate the camera’s signal range because the majority of RV monitoring cameras use wireless frequencies. You may also use a camera with a good signal and range to keep an eye on any activity around the RV at night because you can just take the detachable screen with you.

A thorough purchase guide that will assist you in selecting the best selection for you can be found later in this article if you’d want to learn more information about further details relating to RV observation cameras.
You should read the “Buying Guide” if you are purchasing such a thing for the first time.

Furrion Vision S 7 Inch Wireless RV Backup System
  • Features a 480p camera
  • Supports a 7-inch display
  • Rated range of up to 492 ft
  • Offers a 1-year warranty

Furrion Vision S 7 Inch Wireless RV Backup System

If you want high-performance video equipment for your RV, keep in mind the top brand of RV observation cameras known as Furrion Vision.

As the best high-end RV observation camera with features commensurate with its cost, the Furrion Vision S RV observation camera is included first on this list.

Starting with the display, this device has a 7-inch touch screen that makes it simple to operate.

In order to provide adequate coverage all around your RV, it even supports a total of 4 cameras.

Speaking of cameras, it comes with a 480p camera that is quite versatile and even supports infrared night vision.

You’ll be happy to know that this camera even has an IP65 water-resistant designation if you wish to mount it externally.

The camera’s wireless functionality allows it to work up to 492 feet away.

Additionally, because it’s a premium RV observation camera, it comes with a respectable 1-year warranty.


  • Water-resistant camera enclosure
  • Camera unit supports night vision
  • Supports multiple cameras at once


  • Quite an expensive RV observation camera unit
DoHonest S21 HD 1080P RV Wireless Backup Camera
  • Features a 1080p camera
  • Supports a 7-inch display
  • Rated range of up to 500 ft
  • Offers a 3-year warranty

DoHonest S21 HD 1080P RV Wireless Backup Camera

If you’re looking for RV observation cameras with reasonable performance, versatility, and wireless functionality, you might want to have a look at the DoHonest brand.

Many people may find the DoHones RV observation camera to be a fantastic wireless alternative.

This device features a sizable 7-inch display in addition to wireless cameras
Its built-in camera is a 1080p camera that consistently provides excellent image quality.

With its IR night vision, this RV observation camera will operate admirably even when used at night.

As a result of this RV observation camera’s wireless functionality, you also get a respectable range of 500 feet.

With a 3-year guarantee and an IP69 water resistance rating, the camera that comes with it is also quite dependable.


  • A fairly reliable camera unit
  • Large and easy-to-view display
  • High-resolution camera for good image quality


  • Average wireless range rating
AMTIFO A7 HD 1080P Digital Wireless Backup Camera
  • Features a 1080p camera
  • Supports a 7-inch display
  • Rated range of up to 825 ft
  • Offers a 2-year warranty

AMTIFO A7 HD 1080P Digital Wireless Backup Camera

Amtifo and its value-for-money solutions might be a perfect choice for many if you do not want to spend a lot of money on your next RV observation camera because it has many helpful features.

Amtifp’s RV observation camera because it offers excellent value for the money.

Despite a price that is well justified, it has a sizable 7-inch display and functional controls.

Its camera is a 1080p device that produces excellent image quality.

The 825 wifi range of this RV monitoring camera from Amtifo is one of its greatest characteristics.

Its camera is a fantastic alternative for outdoor use a result, especially when taking into account its IP69 water-resistant classification.

You may anticipate this RV observation camera to readily last for a long period of time given its two-year warranty.


  • Great value for money
  • Highly reliable and durable camera unit
  • Quite a long wireless range


  • Display controls can be a bit complicated
Haloview MC7108 Wireless RV Backup Camera System
  • Features a 720p camera
  • Supports a 7-inch display
  • Rated range of up to 984 ft
  • Offers a 1-year warranty

Haloview MC7108 Wireless RV Backup Camera System

Haloview typically produces items linked to cameras and video feeds, as you can probably infer from the company’s name, and this includes a respectable RV observation camera device.

The RV observation camera from Haloview is a fantastic wireless device that makes installation simple.

Its huge 7-inch display and functional controls let you simultaneously connect up to 4 wireless cameras.

When it comes to the accompanying camera, it is a 720p model that is average for the price.

Thanks to its IP69 water-resistant rating, this camera is thankfully excellent for outdoor use.

Additionally, it has a relatively long 984 feet, which makes it an excellent wireless option for many.

This RV observation camera has a respectable 1-year warranty for your peace of mind, just like many other RV observation cameras.


  • Perfect camera for external usage
  • Quite a high wireless range
  • Supports up to 4 cameras


  • Average camera resolution
Rohent Wireless Backup Camera for RV HD 1080P
  • Features a 1080p camera
  • Supports a 7-inch display
  • Rated range of up to 800 ft
  • Offers a 2-year long warranty

Rohent Wireless Backup Camera for RV HD 1080P

If you’re searching for mid-range solutions with excellent value, keep in mind Rohent, which makes RV accessories like RV observation cameras.

Thanks to its wireless construction, this Rohent RV observation camera is a very adaptable device.

You also get a wireless display with a huge 7-inch screen along with its wireless camera.

When it comes to the wireless camera, you receive a 1080p camera that provides a high-quality feed constantly.

This camera will continue to function flawlessly whether it is day or night outside because it has IR as well as being an IP69 water-resistant camera.

This wireless RV surveillance camera, as was already said, has an 800-foot long range, which is respectable.

Additionally, Rohent has a 2-year warranty, making it a reasonably trustworthy product.


  • High-quality camera
  • Long warranty with water resistance
  • Fairly high wireless range


  • Controls can be a bit confusing
Yakry Backup Camera for Truck HD
  • Features a 150-degree camera
  • Supports a 7-inch display
  • Offers a 2-year warranty

Yakry Backup Camera for Truck HD

Yakry is far less expensive than the majority of other RV observation camera brands on the market, despite having a number of useful functions that make it extremely adaptable.

The RV observation camera from Yakry is the most affordable choice on this list, making it the ideal choice for customers on a tight budget.

Even though it is a very inexpensive RV observation camera equipment, it nonetheless comes with a 7-inch monitor.
Together with its 150-degree wide camera unit, this display is used.

This RV monitoring camera also comes with seven infrared lights, which is a useful function.

For protection against snow and rain, it still has an IP69K water-resistant rating.

Additionally, given its 2-year warranty, you may anticipate that it will last for a very long period.


  • Highly budget-friendly RV observation camera
  • Fully water-resistant camera unit
  • Quite a large-sized display


  • Not a wireless RV observation camera
LeeKooLuu Wireless Backup Camera
  • Features a 1080p camera
  • Supports a 7-inch display
  • Rated range of up to 900 ft

LeeKooLuu Wireless Backup Camera

For individuals who are on a tight budget and need an RV observation camera that is also wireless, LeeKooLuu can be another good alternative.

Those who are seeking something economical may want to consider the LeeKooLuu RV observation camera.

Nevertheless, in spite of the lesser price, you still receive a huge 7-inch display with simple controls.

The 1080p resolution of this RV monitoring camera is another excellent feature that you wouldn’t expect at this price point.

This RV observation camera has IR lights for night vision just like many other RV observation cameras.

Due to its IP69K water-resistant grade and respectable 900 ft range, you may even use this camera outside.

Unfortunately, although being a cost-effective solution, it does not come with a warranty.


  • Ideal for external usage
  • Quite a high wireless range
  • Easy-to-use 7-inch display


  • Lacks any form of warranty

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing the Best RV Observation Camera

Camera Quality

Your primary focus should be on examining the video recording quality of the camera. The reason for this is that a camera that can record video in high resolution will allow you to see more details, which are very important, especially when you’re driving.

A number of the cameras on the list have HD 720p video resolution, which is fairly practical. If money is not a concern, though, you can undoubtedly find better ones that even offer Full HD 1080p recording.

Night Vision

You must have had to drive in the dark at some point if you enjoy taking long trips. Or let’s say your RV is parked in the lot and you want to keep an eye on it at night. You will benefit greatly from the camera’s night vision capabilities in both scenarios.

Having said that, avoid purchasing inexpensive goods with few helpful characteristics because doing so may end up being advantageous for you in the long term.


Every RV observation camera has a digital display for replaying the live video, which is often mounted on the dashboard. Making a pick, in this case, shouldn’t be tough because a larger, higher-resolution display is unquestionably preferable. Typically, a screen size of roughly 7 inches works well for seeing the camera playback.

Apart from that, all you need to do is make sure the display has sufficient quality and can clearly show video playback from the camera.

Signal Range

The majority of RV observation cameras have a wireless camera module and display, making installation simple. This also makes it possible for you to view the cameras while not near the RVs by taking the display with you. However, if it is a budget model, some RV observation cameras might simply provide a cable connection to the cameras.

Waterproof Rating

Your RV observation camera will almost always be mounted on the exterior of your RV. As a result, it must also survive weather conditions like rain and snow, which could harm the camera. As a result, choosing RV observation cameras with some form of waterproof grade is always a wise choice.
Waterproof ratings like IP54, IP65, and many others may fall under this category. And choosing a high grade like IP65 would be excellent if you want the best RV observation camera in terms of its water resistance.


You want your RV accessories to endure as long as possible whenever you purchase any kind of accessories. Checking the warranty that comes with the item is always a good idea for the same reason. When it comes to the numerous RV observation cameras mentioned above, you can find that they come with a 1-year or 2-year warranty.

Additionally, any RV observation camera with a longer warranty period will undoubtedly be more beneficial in terms of long-term use.

Field of View

The field of vision of the camera is another crucial element in this entire process. You see, this aspect significantly affects how wide the camera’s viewing angle is. Additionally, since reversing an RV frequently necessitates a wider field of vision than reversing a typical car, it plays a crucial role in assuring your safety.

As a result, I’d advise searching for an RV backup camera type with a field of vision of at least 90 degrees. Of course, there are cameras with more degrees available, but they are more expensive. These gadgets typically have a 120-degree field of view and do produce superior outcomes.


You presumably already know this coming into the procedure, but these devices aren’t inexpensive. Because of this factor, creating a budget becomes a prerequisite. To make sure the budget is realistic, it should take into account every function you want in a backup camera.

For example, a model with a 120-degree field of view will be more expensive than one with a typical 90-degree one. The ranges of your budget should be determined by minor things like this one.

Although creating a budget may seem tedious, it will be useful. Your selections will be significantly reduced by this budget to a more tolerable level.
Consequently, this procedure won’t appear as intimidating or worrisome as it did at first.


Where should I mount my RV backup camera?

Finding the ideal location to install a backup camera for RV use is not difficult. After all, it is situated precisely below the clearance lights in every rig.
When using the camera to back into confined locations, it will guarantee that you have the greatest possible view.

How do you hook up a backup camera to an RV?

The method for connecting an RV backup camera varies depending on the model. It is essential to have a useful and comprehensive instruction manual for this reason. As a result, I’d advise checking through several user reviews to make sure the product you choose has one.

However, a more comprehensive explanation may be found in our article titled “How to install an RV backup camera? the segment.
What an RV owner might anticipate while setting up one of these devices will be completely explained.

How much does it cost to add a backup camera to an RV?

Contrary to popular belief, purchasing an RV backup camera involves a lot more work. In actuality, a number of factors might raise or lessen the cost.
The first factor is the sale price, which often falls between $20 and $1,000.

Where to mount an RV backup camera?

The best backup cameras will have a layout and configuration that you can mount or install on any side of your RV. When you receive top-notch goods is another matter over which the customer has some degree of power.

However, before doing anything, make sure to read the device’s documentation and instructions. By taking this step, you can avoid making a mistake and doing harm. And given the price of these items, I believe it is prudent to read the instructions first.


One of the biggest problems with RVs is backing them up, regardless of whether you have a full-size RV or are towing one behind your truck. Reversing an RV can be challenging and occasionally dangerous due to its huge size and ideal viewing angles. Consider purchasing something like the top RV observation cameras mentioned above to avoid such problems.

We’ve listed the key details and features of each of these various RV monitoring cameras. Even a comprehensive buying guide for RV observation cameras is available above. And based on all these different information and elements, we offer our ideal suggestions for the top RV observation cameras:

With a 3-year warranty, the DoHonest RV observation camera is the most dependable choice among those listed above. A 1080p camera for high-resolution video, a huge 7-inch monitor, IR lighting for night vision, and many other useful features are included with this mid-range alternative.

The Furrion Vision S is the most sophisticated RV monitoring camera mentioned above, despite the fact that it could be on the pricey side.
This is because it has a sizable 7-inch touchscreen display that allows touch functionality. For inspecting the back of your RV, it has a night vision camera that has a 480p resolution.

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