Best Soil Moisture Meters Reviews 2022

There are many choices of Moisture Meters for plants. It is time-consuming to choose the best option, so we have selected some Best Soil Moisture meters available on Amazon. Below are the 11 best Moisture meters for plants:

One of the best moisture meters for plants is the DSMM500 probe, which is made specifically to detect moisture levels in the soil to keep the plants hydrated up to a certain point. The main purpose this moisture meter provides is for agricultural, professional, and commercial use only.

It is a heavy-duty probe with maximum data holding capacity as it has a memory storage system pre-installed in it. The probe is around 8 inches (203mm) long, whereas it is 0.4 inches (10 mm) in diameter. Temperature variation is adjusted when using this moisture meter as it functions on temperatures ranging from 32 degrees F to 122 degrees F; thereby, it can bear temperatures ranging from 0 degrees C to 50 degrees C.

Considering the probe is portable thereby it requires a battery of probably 4 AAA batteries to keep it charged when in use. The material used for manufacturing this probe is water-resistant, making it useful against moisture measurement in soil.


  • The moisture meter is rather useful in the soil, mostly used in pots with pure texture
  • Its sampling time is 0.8 seconds


  • The moisture meter would not work with great precision in the sand or soil containing sand, even in minimum quantity.

Gouevn Soil Moisture Meter

Gouevn soil moisture meter is reliable and preferable equipment for moisture and irrigation measurement of the soil. It is easy to use, considering it is portable and needs to be plucked into the soil to get accurate and instant readings at once.

Unlike some moisture meters, the Gouevn moisture meter is useful for indoor and outdoor applications. It has an analog setup and accurate readings, which is reliable, and this information can further be used to develop plants.

This soil moisture meter looks complex to those who are not used to analog reading, but it is easy to use by following the provided guidelines; also, the display screen has color coding to indicate whether the pointer has moved toward too wet or too dry while measuring the moisture level of the soil.


  • Portable, dynamic, and easy to use
  • Includes watering guide for 200 plants


  • Analog reading can be misread (human error) sometimes.

YOQXHY Soil Moisture-Light-pH Meter

One of the best soil moisture meters is this three-in-one equipment that measures the moisture in soil and checks in for the pH value and the sunlight absorbed by the plant after the exposure to determine the exact time of controlling the said states when required. It is lighter in weight and portable, making it easier to be carried around for outdoor applications.

It is also an analog device that can directly be inserted into the soil for measurement.


  • Has a premium double-needle detection technology for convenient use.
  • It does not require any batteries to function and is safe


  • The switch is hard when it comes to moving it.

Luster Leaf 1820 Rapitest Soil Moisture Meter

The Luster Leaf Rapitest Soil Moisture Meter is a straightforward moisture meter with great accuracy. The meter is anything but difficult to peruse and goes on a scale from 1 to 10. One of the best soil moisture meters peruses data rapidly, and results are promptly conveyed.

The unit accompanies a guide that reveals the wagering requirements of more than 150 unique plants. This meter also includes an additional kit with a special cleaning pad in order to help keep the tool in good condition for usage, along with its batteries, which are required for use.

This meter is simplified for the user’s ease that features a single probe and a 1 to 4 moisture range. The meter needs no external batteries, and it comes with easy-to-understand instructions. If the gardener is not concerned about professional results and just wants an affordable and simple way to check the plant’s moisture levels, then this soil moisture meter is a great offer to check out.

The Luster Leaf is more active because the client puts the prong in the ground and afterward needs to hold the meter. When done using the meter, putting away the framework can also be an issue due to tangling and tearing the string that associates with the meter’s prong.

It is a digital and hybrid soil moisture meter that checks moisture and pH levels and checks the fertility of the soil. It lets the user know if additional fertilizer needs to be added to the soil for plantation or not. The estimated reading it gives out for the soil moisture test is close to the accuracy, making it a reliable source of a soil moisture meter.


  • Quick and accurate results
  • Provided with proper guidelines


  • Extra care is required for putting the system and detangling the wire from the meter.

iPower Soil pH Meter

The iPower Soil pH Meter is another double-pronged 3-in1 work soil meter that estimates dampness, pH, and light. This model is more restricted than others as its pH meter goes from 3.5 to 8, marginally lower than others.

The meter likewise can take as long as 10 minutes to peruse, yet the perusing is precise. This model requires no extra force source, for example, batteries.

This meter won’t enroll any information in dry soil, requiring the client to wet down the dirt to start perusing. In the case of potted plants, water distributes unevenly in the pot, especially because of factors like soil type, compactness, and the plant’s root structure. Thereby, some portions of the soil may register as wet and other portions as dry.

A few times, the water stays on the top level of the soil and doesn’t filter down to the pot’s bottom. That is why some gardeners recommend burrowing small holes into the pots so the individual can trickle the water through these holes and make sure that the water reaches the roots of the plant that are further down.


  • Provides three in one function
  • No battery is needed for the iPower Soil Meter


  • The long reading time required

Kensizer Soil Moisture Tester

Getting close to the furthest limit of picks, the double test multifunction soil moisture meter from Kensizer Soil Tester is, once more, simple to utilize. The battery is not needed, by the same token.

Spot the tests into the ground; readings are delivered rapidly so the client can proceed onward and test different regions if necessary. The change to flip from the various settings is anything but difficult to explore, and the readings are truly obvious to see.

The drawback of the Kensizer Soil Tester is that it is less sturdy than different meters. This specific model likewise costs more than a large number of the other multifunction soil meters.


  • Quick readings
  • Easy and simple to use


  • Costly

New Resources Group MS-810 Soil Moisture Meter

It is also known as a color-coded soil moisture meter. It is another incredible proposal for individuals who need something straightforward and solid to invest in their gardens. This New Resources Group MS-810 offers a 1 to 10 soil moisture scale, and it does well by providing accurate and precise measurements.

There is a Redpoint on the scale, which represents dry soil, Green for damp soil, and Blue for wet soil to ensure the level of moisture in the soil before watering the plants.

It’s likewise a solitary test gadget, which means less damage to the plants’ underlying foundations. It works without batteries, is useful for indoor and outside use, and accompanies 1-year guarantee support to make it extraordinary compared to other soil dampness analyzers on the lookout.


  • Easy to use
  • 1 to 10 color-coded display
  • Indoors and outdoors usage
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty


  • Fewer features
  • Costly

Yoyomax Soil moisture meter

The majority of the proposals on this rundown have been exclusively soil moisture meters. Thus, on the off chance, a gadget gives additional highlights known as the Yoyomax soil moisture meter. It is an affordable soil moisture meter that does not require an external battery source for power usage.

It is an analog device with three in one service that offers a moisture meter, light, and pH level measurement via the meter. The soil dampness meter goes from 1 to 10 and has three dry, clammy, and wet divisions. The pH meter goes from 3.5 to 8, while the light meter goes from 0 to 2,000 lux.

On the positive side, utilizing this meter is simple; it comes at a decent and cash saving cost, also Yoyomax backs this soil moisture meter with a 3-year guarantee.


  • No battery required
  • Less expensive


  • Accuracy without a battery source is not reliable

THZY I042093 Soil moisture meter

This THZY I042093 is a very much assembled and profoundly precise gadget, making it outstanding amongst other dampness meters for plants. It accompanies a 7.7-inch long single test and functions admirably outside and inside.

The scale is anything but difficult to peruse and includes three shading-coded zones, which are dry, sodden, and wet. There’s additionally a 1-10 scale for the individuals who favor more explicit numbers.

It works without a battery; however, the individual is encouraged to shield the test from rocks and other hard materials that may harm it. Water and delayed presentation in the dirt can likewise consume and harm the test. It offers great client care and covers the meter with a year’s guarantee.

Getting the best soil moisture meter for the plants is important, but this means that the individual needs to understand their underlying features and technologies, so that they can make the best choice.


  • Result accuracy without battery
  • Sturdy and simple design


  • The probe is prone to damage if left in the soil for long

Atree Soil Moisture Meter

The Atree Soil Moisture meter does not require a battery. This moisture meter is close to the ideal one for small or shallow containers. It takes around eight to ten minutes to get an accurate measurement.

The results will be visible on the display screen (LCD), which is color-coded and rates the moisture levels from 1 to 10 according to the coding, or dry to wet. This moisture meter is way too easy to use, and the single probe design would not harm the plant’s root system.

Gardeners choose this meter due to its easy use and simple formatting of the display screen. The analog reading along with the color-coding display makes it easier for anyone to read the value of moisture in the soil. It makes it easy to understand when to water the plants and when to not.

Since the meter has a sensor installed in it therefore it must be taken care of with delicacy, like gently putting the probe in soil, and detangling the wires from the meter.


  • Easy to read measurements
  • No battery


  • The probe is not suitable for rocky soil

GardenBasix Chirping Bird Soil Moisture Meter

This moisture meter type differs from many others because it does not feature a numbered display. Instead, the battery-powered moisture meter chirps and gives out signals for dry and wet soil.

This meter is the most preferable one amongst all others considering it not only serves its purpose by monitoring moisture level but also is displayed as a piece of decoration in the garden. The statue of the bird attached at the very end of the meter adds to the beauty side by side performing its function.

In actuality, there is a buzzer installed in the bird which chirps up when it detects the wet or dry moisture in the soil. It is great for those gardeners who have vision problems and can be used instead of analog meters. Also, the selection of colors out of three ranges is available for the gardener to choose according to their garden and taste.


  • Moisture meter and decorative bird design as a two in one feature
  • Not costly
  • Availability in different colors


  • No color coding display

Why need a moisture meter for plants?

People with the gardening hobby face another responsibility of keeping the plants hydrated at the right time and in the right amount. For gardeners, this piece of information is essential. Most plants do not like having wet moisture levels in the soil; too much water either destroys the plant or wilts it. The soil which is too soggy can promote the root rot conditions caused probably by fungi. The soil being too dry is an issue that needs to be overcome as well.

Soil moisture meters like this help in the estimation of when it is watering time for the plants. Different kinds of soil hold moisture for much longer than others. If the gardener has many soil types in the garden, they will need one of the soil moisture meters. The soil moisture meter can also be really effective for people who are composting. A certain amount of moisture is required to boost microbial growth. This can be hard to estimate based on the exterior of the compost pile. But with the help of a probe, the gardener does not have to turn the pile or even touch it. All that’s required is looking at the meter and noting the reading.

The main issue here is to decide whether the plant is hydrated up to its fill or not, it is determined by using soil moisture meters, and that is where the best moisture meters for plants as described below come;

Final Thoughts:

The nature of the planting routine is significant because it decides the nature of the outcome. In this guide, it is evaluated that there are some best soil moisture meter brands available for an individual to consider. The beneficial thing about utilizing these units is that they are profoundly advantageous, placing them inside the dirt for precise estimations.

Out of all the Soil Moisture Meters mentioned above, some people look out for the cheap but rather sturdy meters that can be of a better use for their plantation. The moisture meters not only measure the soil moisture level but also helps monitor all kind of aspects related to the plants. Most soil moisture meters will give the readings with an acceptable level of accuracy that could be considered close to an ideal soil moisture meter.

The individual will need to keep up the meter properly, thereby, the meter can last longer and stay in its correct form. Certain issues appear in technological equipment that deals mostly with water, thereby moisture meter faces issues such as a rusted pin or broken pin which can affect the meter’s accuracy, as well as other internal and external damages to the meter; or even a low battery.

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