Best Wired Routers for Home or Small Business

Although wireless routers have become more affordable and common in many network configurations, they are not always necessary or appropriate. Numerous computers are connected by a wired router to a local area network (LAN) and to a wide area network (WAN), such as the Internet. For the highest data transmission speeds, most contemporary wired routers provide 10/100 Mbps connections, and Ethernet cables are frequently used for these connections.

Consider how many systems you wish to link to your LAN before purchasing one of these devices because they frequently have varying amounts of ports for constructing a network. A couple of examples of optional features that vary from one router to the next are firewalls and fundamental network controls.

The Wired Router can then direct traffic from LAN devices to the Internet because it is connected to the Internet (via its WAN port).

Despite the fact that these look to be very antique equipment… They are unmatched in terms of connectivity, speed, and firewall security.

especially if you wish to manage your team more “Hands-On.” Although ordinary SOHO wireless devices are often less flexible and powerful than wired routers, you may require some networking expertise to take full advantage of their features.

High-speed internet connections and Gigabit Internet plans can frequently be supported by wired routers without lag or packet loss.

The considerable software capabilities of wired router systems are another crucial component. There are several capabilities available, including VPN, QoS features, firewall controls, deep packet inspection for application security, and many more.

There is no doubt that wireless routers are now quite accessible and provide fast speeds. The speeds, however, are still not on par with a cable connection. Without a question, wired connections are more reliable and offer superior internet service.

Having said that, this post is for you if you’re seeking a wired router for your house or place of business. Some of the top wired routers now on the market have already been narrowed down by our team. But always make sure the following crucial things are present before choosing one:


Since these routers offer wired connectivity, Ethernet Ports will be involved in this situation. While some have 10/100Mbps ports, which are actually fairly good. But if you’d want more speed, there are choices available that offer up to 1Gbps speeds.

Number of Ports:

Distributing internet bandwidth across numerous devices is the responsibility of a wired router. It’s crucial to verify how many LAN connections the router offers. In addition, numerous WAN ports ought to be available if you use connections from different ISPs.


You should always protect your connection from outside risks such as intrusion. To do this, the majority of wired routers often come equipped with hardware firewall systems and other security measures to protect your network.

In addition, if you are purchasing a wired router for the first time, you might want to read the comprehensive “Buying Guide” that is provided in this article’s section below. In the interim, let’s explore what the best-wired routers have to offer by looking at the list!

Best Wired Routers of 2022

TP-Link ER605 Multi-WAN Wired VPN Router
  •  Great port selection
  • Five Gigabit Ports
  • Integrated into Omada SDN
  • Cloud Access
  • SDN Compatibility
  • Abundant Security Features
  • Highly Secure VPN
TRENDnet TW100-S4W1CA 4-Port Broadband Router
  •  Easy to set up
Ubiquiti Networks Wired Router
  • High-performance router
  • Hardware Accelerated Routing (Layer-3 Base Forwarding)
  • Compact 1U Rackmount Form Factor
  • Dual-core 800MHz CPU with 2GB DDR3 RAM
  • Gigabit RJ45 Ports
  • Includes: EdgeRouter, Power Cord, Mounting Screws, Cage Nuts, and Quick Start Guide
Cisco RV160 Wired Router
  • Allows Remote Management
  • Integrated 4-port Gigabit Ethernet switch
  • Supports Single Ethernet/SFP WAN Internet connectivity
  • IP Security (IPsec)

TP-Link ER605 Multi-WAN Wired VPN Router

One dedicated WAN port, three WAN/LAN ports, and one dedicated LAN port are all supported by the wired VPN router from TP-Link, the ER605. As a result of its compatibility with several VPN connections, it is also a very secure router.

Thanks to features like flexible traffic control, users will be able to monitor network capacity while also optimizing utilization for each connection. The ER605 has a strong metal housing for use in a range of circumstances, as well as a small design for easy installation. However, a few users have reported having firmware problems.

Along with a speed test feature that customers can use to check the speed of their network, the router also has a strong firewall that safeguards the network and data from online threats. Owners will also value the convenience of operating the router remotely thanks to the implementation of the Omada Software Defined Networking Platform.


  • Very secure
  • Allows for remote management through an app
  •  Great port selection


  • It May be difficult to set up for some

TRENDnet TW100-S4W1CA 4-Port Broadband Router

With four Ethernet ports for improved connectivity and a data transfer rate of up to 100Mbps, the TRENDnet TW100-S4W1CA is a compact wired router. The router includes a Network Address Translation (NAT) capability to prevent PC hacking and is made for users with high-speed Cable/xDSL Internet connectivity.

Because of the straightforward web browser settings, it’s incredibly easy to set up, and since it also supports remote management, it’s much simpler to operate. Unfortunately, some users could find it annoying as it does not restrict external IP addresses.

A single Internet service provider account can connect up to 253 users to the Internet with this 4-port broadband router, which also supports numerous VPN pass-throughs. Users will like its support for static routes, virtual servers, and the capability to give or deny access based on MAC address.


  • Supports a large number of Internet connections
  •  Easy to set up
  •  Allows for remote management


  • Does not block external IP addresses

Ubiquiti Networks Wired Router

Ubiquiti Networks is another well-known brand when it comes to producing devices and offering networking and IT services.

As a result, this wired router is ranked second since it is both one of the most costly and well-built routers available. Because of its rackmount design, the ER-8 Edgerouter is special in that it can be quickly attached to any rack.

The package contains all the required nuts and screws for mounting. A few features of this wired router include a potent Dual-core 800MHz CPU and 2GB DDR3 RAM.

It goes without saying that a device that can manage up to eight devices at once needs this much processing power. The total number of Gigabit (10/100/1000) Ethernet RJ45 ports on this wired router is 8, along with 1 WAN port and 1 USB port.

The router’s speeds are also quite good thanks to hardware-accelerated routing, which enables it to send 2 million packets per second.


  • High-performance router
  • Offers ports in abundance
  • Rack-mountable design


  • Very Expensive

Cisco RV160 Wired Router

As you may be aware, Cisco is a market leader in the IT and networking industries and has long been a source of high-quality networking equipment.

We decided to go with this high-quality wired router option from the company since we knew you would enjoy using it. The Cisco RV160 VPN router is a secure option for company owners due to IPsec VPN capabilities and hardware firewall protection for secure browsing and site-to-site communication.
This wired router’s four Gigabit Ethernet ports, each capable of delivering rates of up to 1000Mbps, making it the perfect choice for enterprises, home offices, restaurants, and other such venues. Despite the high cost of this router, there is just one usable 1 Gigabit WAN port.

The Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client support of this router, which enables remote management, is one impressive feature. With 600Mbps NAT throughput and a reasonable 50Mbps VPN throughput, its performance is remarkable. It will please you to know that all Cisco products come with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Fantastic Performance
  • Allows Remote Management
  • Comes with commendable security


  • Does not support Multiple WAN ports

Buying Guide for the Best Wired Router

Despite the fact that the list has already highlighted some of the best Wired Router choices available. It could be challenging to select the best gadget for you if you’re shopping for one for the first time or are unfamiliar with its features. You shouldn’t worry since we’ll make this task lot simpler for you by providing all of the necessary details in this purchasing guide. So that you can select the best-wired router from the list above, be sure to read our buying guide all the way through.

WAN Ports

All wired routers have a WAN port that you may use to access your ISP’s internet service. The router’s lone WAN port is sufficient in the majority of cases. Your wired router might need additional WAN ports if you’ve signed up for a backup Internet service provider. The fact that some of the top Wired Routers on the list have up to four WAN ports and enable simultaneous connections to several ISPs has already been stated.

You should also be aware that Gigabit WAN ports can support up to 1000Mbps of speed. Contrarily, conventional ones can only provide speeds of up to 100Mbps.


First and foremost, be sure to know what kind of internet connection you have and how much speed your internet subscription delivers before selecting a router. You will surely need sufficient internet speeds if you wish to use a wired router in your office or place of business. Therefore, enrolling in a 1Gbps package should be a great idea. For casual users, a 100Mbps connection will be adequate.

Depending on the speed of your internet connection, you can select a router that supports those speeds. You can still buy a 1Gbps router even if your plan is only 100Mbps because you can upgrade your plan in the future and maintain your present router.


The security of wired connections differs significantly from that of wireless networks. The majority of wired routers come equipped with cutting-edge hardware firewalls and support for multiple VPN protocols, enhancing connection security and safeguarding users from online threats. As a result, make sure the router can give you a secure browsing experience by regularly checking the security features.

LAN Ports

The LAN ports have the same appearance as the WAN ports and use the same RJ45 connector. Depending on how many devices you intend to use simultaneously, you can choose a suitable wired router. Up to four LAN ports and even eight LAN ports are included in additional options on the list.

In other words, a wired router with four LAN ports can connect up to four devices at once, but a router with eight ports can connect up to eight devices simultaneously. In addition, LAN ports that are designated as Gigabit Ethernet ports can support up to 1Gbps data rates. On the other hand, basic 10/100 LAN ports are limited to 100Mbps of speed.


If you’re not familiar with networking and unsure of how to set up a router correctly. Then, avoid options that demand a time-consuming configuration procedure. As an alternative, we have listed a few of the best-wired routers that are easy to install and configure. Investing in a router that is simple to set up can not only save time but money as well. However, because you won’t have to pay a networking expert to do the work, you will save money.


If you need to access your network from a distance, examine if your router has a secure VPN connectivity feature. The network access offered by routers that enable VPN protocols like IPsec, L2TP, or PPTP is sufficient and well-secured.


Finally, you can research the warranty if you’re concerned about it. For instance, TP-link and Cisco offer a lifetime guarantee on their products in addition to free, round-the-clock technical support. However, since every item on the list is well-made and works flawlessly, you might never need to use a warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Wired Routers?

Any router, including ones that provide wireless internet connection like the best router for Cox internet service, can be thought of as a wired router if you simply use an ethernet cable rather than WiFi. On the other side, network equipment like wired routers does not permit wireless connectivity. These routers only support ethernet, WAN, and LAN connectivity.

You will benefit from receiving speeds that are close to those that your internet subscription guarantees. It’s crucial to remember that it is nearly difficult to obtain the speeds promised by your internet service provider in actual use (particularly for domestic users) (ISP). However, your speeds will frequently be faster than those on a wireless network because your device is directly connected to the internet point of access via a wired router.

The total number of ports available on a wired router determines the maximum number of devices that can be connected to it. Even better, wired routers are typically a superior choice if security is an issue. In contrast to a wireless network, there is a direct physical connection between the router and the device, making it more challenging for hackers to get access.

Why You Should Buy a Wired Router?

There is a case to be made for wired routers even if wireless routers are the most popular option for most residential users. Anyone concerned about internet security and heavy data users should think about switching to a wired router.

How Wired Routers Work?

The operation of a wired router is identical to that of a wireless router. It acts as a bridge between the router of your ISP and the devices on your local network. A single primary Ethernet cable is often used to support the external connection. Setting up a wired router is typically easier than doing so for wireless routers.

Simply connect an external ethernet cable to your router, then attach an additional ethernet cable from your device to the router. After establishing a physical link, you are now linked to the network and have access to the internet.

Both wired and wireless routers typically contain configurable security features like firewall support and access control lists. Models with IPS, malware protection, VPN protocols, and other capabilities are available if you need more security.

How Long Will a Wired Router Last?

Similar to its wireless cousin, a wired router has a three- to five-year lifespan. This timeline is frequently decided by technical improvements, though individual mileage may vary. Speed and security protocols are the most crucial factors for wired routers, even if WiFi updates are typically the most crucial factor for wireless routers.

When internet speeds grow, you’ll need a router that can keep up, especially if you upgrade your internet plan to a faster option. On the other hand, hackers are always developing new techniques for getting past security measures. Even while the majority of wired routers come with support for maintaining protocols, in order to keep your network secure, you’ll eventually want to upgrade to a newer model with more features.

Which router is best, wired or wireless?

If you often send or receive large volumes of data (residential or commercial), a wired router is recommended because you’ll have a dedicated link with faster speeds and fewer connectivity issues. In contrast, the typical user who merely wants to browse the internet and may only have one item that needs a dedicated linked connection may find the typical wireless router to be more than acceptable.

Can I use a wireless router as a wired router?

You very definitely can. There are often only a few ethernet connectors on wireless routers. A device can be immediately connected to your router via an Ethernet wire. Alternately, you can attach a second router to that one; but, the second router won’t create a separate network; it will only act as an access point.


We sincerely hope that you found the items on the list to be interesting. You may always compare products based on your budget if you’re having difficulties determining which is ideal for you. In addition, using the purchase guide as your reference will make it much simpler for you to compare characteristics.

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